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Cradles Weekly Report

1–7 August 2022

Greetings, Cradians! We know you’ve been looking at all the stuff we’ve shared so far this year and we’re quite pleased to tell you we’re on track for a little update in August.

But meanwhile, you might be keen to check up on the specifics of what we’ve been doing across both the No Fishing mini-game and Cradles: Origin of Species.

It’s all here in the 19th weekly report on product developments!

Game development

  1. Fixed some No-Fishing bugs
  2. Added monsters to Curvitan city-state in Cradles
  3. Completed Greatsword and related skills
  4. Developed Roulette mini-game
  5. Fixed the bug in adding new pets
  6. Completed redeveloping the hall
  7. Developed treasure-box system
  8. Developed skills: opening treasure boxes and hiding
  9. Debugged NPCs

Game Design

  1. Adjusted details of sand table of Brician city-state (regions, routes, vegetation, and architectural style)
  2. Adjusted Brician city-state concept map
  3. Improved scene design and special effect resources of Witch Forest
  4. Continued to improve UI
  5. Made Lizardman mapping
  6. Continued to make No-Fishing character modeling
  7. Developed a plan to improve Dragontar art style
  8. Research on music and sound effects
  9. Followed up on progress of outsourced art resources
  10. Wrote scripts for tasks in the wild for Curvitan city-state


  1. Added two new Cradles inner pages: Weapons and Economy
  2. Adjusted Cat-town poster
  3. Feedback on Cradles key visuals (animation)

And for the coming week, these are the actions we have planned across all areas:

  1. Continue to fix No-Fishing bugs
  2. Continue to improve battle features
  3. Plan new maps and design shared buildings
  4. Modify sand table of Brician city-state
  5. Add special effects of UI
  6. Prepare for Cradles promotional videos (with storyboards and video recording)
  7. Continue to follow up on Cradles key visuals (animation)
  8. Update inner pages of Cradles official website and update new copywriting

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

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