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Cradles Weekly Report

8–14 August 2022

Twenty weeks ago, we kicked off a Monday with a sharing of a weekly product development report to keep our community informed of all the work going on with our developers, artists, and general team as we build Cradles: Origin of Species to be the greatest game on blockchain!

We’re still here, inching closer to the launch, and looking forward as ever to bigger, better, awesomer.

Enjoy the 20th Cradles weekly report!

Game development

  1. Improved Cradles configuration
  2. Checked player versus player model in the field in Cradles
  3. Restructured lobby interface
  4. Fixed Guild bugs
  5. Proposed plans for improving store/repair features
  6. Completed initial version of Greatsword skill
  7. Added more female characters
  8. Designed growth value, skill value, and monster value of Cradles demo version
  9. Added client-side multilingual feature
  10. Tested friends system, league system, NPC store, and mail feature (processing)

Game Design

  1. Finished adjusting details of sand table of Brician city-state (regions, routes, and architectural style)
  2. Design new hairstyles


  1. Improved Cradles official website

And for the coming week, these are the actions we have planned across all areas:

  1. Continue to check and fix bugs
  2. Add new components in scenes to the game and remake map data
  3. Add new NPC components to the game and update NPC editor
  4. Improve multilingual feature
  5. Make sand table and sketch of Dongle city-state
  6. Determine music and sound effects
  7. Improve outsourced icons
  8. Continue to make models and diffuse maps for Cradles project
  9. Draw and write new plots for Cradles quests

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

Linktree: @cradles_official | Linktree


Cradles Official Forum:



Telegram Group:

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