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Cradles Weekly Report

14–20 November 2022

Monday greetings need never be unwanted for Cradians as we present yet another weekly update on game development and design. We’ve got new sword renderings, further optimisations and further tinkering on the weather system ;)

Read on for the 32nd issue of the weekly development report!

Game development

  1. Physically-based rendering of Level 20 bamboo sword and Level 30 katana
  2. Optimized the quest system
  3. Debugged enchantment feature
  4. Made a checklist for personal trading system
  5. Optimized the HDRP rendering pipeline and fixed some performance bugs
  6. Made the day and night system
  7. Completed and debugged reward features

Game Design

  1. Completed the interior and exterior design of the auction house
  2. Designed a new mining area and related props
  3. Feedback on Arcata city-state’s tavern, council hall, residential houses, and docks
  4. Designed quest outline & procedures of the Curvitan city-state
  5. Planned the route in the Brilliance Pit
  6. Finalized men’s 12 suits design
  7. Adjusted Cradles pledge ratio and its revenue curve
  8. Improved store design of the Brician city-state
  9. Planned the tavern quest

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

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