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Cradles Weekly Report

24–30 October 2022

We greet yet another Monday with another report chockful of updates on product development for Cradles: Origin of Species. It’s also an auspicious day with the 14th anniversary of the Bitcoin white paper, while things also get spooky for Halloween ;)

Did you enjoy pre-alpha? We sure did!

Enjoy the 29th issue of the weekly development report!

Game development

  1. Developed new features: Enchantment & Exorcism
  2. Adjusted the feature of self-built continents
  3. Completed the development of one-handed axe skills (skill details — 99%, action details — 60%)
  4. Started the development of two-handed sword skills

Game Design

  1. Completed the draft design of smithy in the Brician city-state
  2. Supplemented copywriting of NPC movements
  3. Designed movements of elder people
  4. Supplemented copywriting of equipment and items
  5. Divided 12 sets of light and heavy armour (in progress)
  6. Improved pet design of Cradles
  7. Improved sand table sketch for the field map of the Curvitan city-state

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

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