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Cradles Weekly Report

16–23 October 2022

Happy Monday, Cradians! We know we’ve been really busy for the past couple of weeks but we also know you’ve been busy hitting up our pre-alpha anyway, and that’s precisely what’s been keeping us up all fortnight ;)

Here’s the rundown in the 28th issue of the weekly development report.

Oh, and, ready for PvP royale tomorrow?

Game development

  1. Completed multiple Cradles pre-alpha updates
  2. Completed Cradles installer test
  3. Continued to follow up bugs reported by players
  4. Adjusted the value system of Cradles
  5. Improved timing issues of Arena
  6. Completed skill design of katana sword and one-handed axe
  7. Completed the logic scheme of skill tips
  8. Optimized collision volume (characters, monsters, skills)
  9. Improved the self-built mainland plan

Game Design

  1. Adjusted some art design of Cradles
  2. Followed up on Curvitan city-state field map
  3. Improved NPC action copywriting
  4. Completed copywriting of equipment/items


  1. Made promotional materials for Cradles, including videos, images and screenshots.

And for the coming week, all our attention will be on improvements to pre-alpha ;)

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

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