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Cradles Weekly Report

31 October — 6 November 2022

Hope you enjoyed the AMA we had today, so many exciting developments to come as we prepare for the introduction of Cradles: Origin of Species as the first subscription-based blockchain MMORPG!

But in case you’re still hungry for more, why not tuck into our 30th issue of the weekly development report?

Game development

  1. Basically completed High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) rendering pipeline upgrade
  2. Completed code updates for lighting system, scene settings, sky box, and plug-in replacement
  3. Debugged and optimized the enchantment feature

Game Design

  1. Designed icons for gold and black soldier equipment, armor, gloves, shoes, and helmets
  2. Finished upgrading Level 30 Greatswords
  3. Completed physically based rendering of two-handed swords
  4. Completed the design of equipment store
  5. Adjusted each area of the sand map of the Curvitan city-state field map (style, shared buildings)
  6. Refined the self-built continent plan


  1. Modified the planning of the token pledge system
  2. Created a few promotional materials including articles, videos, images, and screenshots

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

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