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Cradles Weekly Report

18–24 July 2022

We now enter the final week of July and it’s been a productive month as usual. We hope you’ve been enjoying all the visuals that we’ve been sharing on the two productions we’re working on in parallel: the No Fishing mini-game and of course, our flagship MMORPG Cradles: Origin of Species.

You may have noticed we’re getting quite a bit of mentions too in crypto media, do share the word.

Interested in the details, then check out our 17th weekly report on product developments!

Game development

  1. Modified No-Fishing testing data
  2. Optimized No-Fishing backpack inventory system
  3. Optimized No-Fishing store system
  4. Satisfied new requirements of tasks
  5. Completed mail feature and set for Russian roulette mini-game
  6. Improved codes and fixed No-Fishing bugs (80% done)
  7. Tested old features (95% done)
  8. Testing, analysis, and planning of player versus player (PVP) in Cradles and mini-games
  9. Improved registration logic

Game Design

  1. Designed and determined the overall style of sand table of Brician city-state
  2. Specified design requirements of greatswords
  3. Carried out monster AI-related preparations
  4. Improved logic mechanism and design requirements of Tachi skill
  5. Completed design of Dragontar stickers
  6. Optimized some effects of Dragontars (decelerating/frightened)
  7. Improved Witch’s skills and role reversal effects
  8. Improved lobby, personal info, achievement, and backpack inventory interfaces
  9. Completed armor design
  10. Designed several sketches of fishing rod
  11. Designed the second version of 3D Dragontars


  1. Made Cradles official website (news page and pet intro page)
  2. Improved registration page of No-Fishing

And for the coming week, these are the actions we have planned across all areas:

  1. Continue to satisfy new requirements of tasks in Cradles
  2. Improve frond-end development of proficiency
  3. Improve performance of mail system
  4. Continue to improve codes
  5. Design and determine the overall style of Curvitan city-state
  6. Make high-precision model of Lizardman
  7. Make models of axes
  8. Write scripts for buildings in Arcata city-state
  9. Write scripts for tasks in Curvitan city-state

That’s it for now! As always, feel free to reach out to us or join the conversation with Cradians on the following channels:

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