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Hello Metaverse!

Dear Blockchain and Gamer Community,

Let us introduce you to the game that will disrupt the entire blockchain gaming world — Cradles: Origin of Species. Our team has been working on the project since 11 March 2021, and now it’s time to show you parts of our efforts.

What can you do in this game?

Cradles provide a world with freedom, which is composed of the Main City and an Adventure Zone. In the Main City, you won’t be attacked by any wild creatures, while in the Adventure Zone, you can only obtain supplies by exchanging with NPCs. Cradles is a virtual reality game that you can equip with your VR device to immerse yourself, pretend to be any species you like, and exploring the virtual world from your soul.

Is it all about role-playing?

In this game, you are not only role-playing but also build an entropy-increasing world. Unlike traditional games, users’ exit won’t change anything; Cradles’ world will become chaotic and disorder without users’ participation. The players won’t get any benefit from abandoning a city or world by game design. On the contrary, cooperation can achieve a win-win situation.

Can I earn money from this game?

Yes, of course. Besides spending time exploring the world, you’ll be able to acquire digital “collectibles” in the game, which are tradable NFTs built on blockchain. What’s more, you also have a chance to stake NFTs to earn extra profit.


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