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Preview of the Cradles World!

The Cradles World is divided into two parts, Main City and Adventure Zone.

The main city is a peaceful place to live, where you can buy houses, get rewards, exchange weapons, props etc. While the adventure zone is more dangerous, users can fight and hunt different creatures. Higher risk will pay higher rewards, which means you can earn crystals here.

Different Roles to play!

Players can choose their game character from various categories, such as adventures, residents, visitors, and wild lives. We do not define user groups but try our best to allow everyone to enjoy the Cradles world and benefit from it.

If you are tired of being yourself all day just get an experience as someone else in the Cradles world. All types of players can find the value of existence here.

After you have mastered your survival and hunting skills, you can enter the Adventure Zone where you can complete advanced tasks along with hunting and killing the species that threaten the ecological balance of the world. Also obtain crystals paid by NPCs and players.


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