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The Metaverse is a Home for Diversity

Despite it being a trendy thing these days to label your project as a metaverse project, especially when it is on blockchain, Cradles does occasionally reiterate that that is not what we are.

We’ve said before that we won’t claim to be building a metaverse as a central aim of the Cradles project.

Cradles is first, and centrally, a game. We are cognizant that the technology we want to introduce, as well as the nature of development and world-building, may very well require some aspects of a metaverse to work well. In this manner, as we continue to shape Cradles as a game, we are excited to see the type of metaverse that will result from the collaborations of our growing community of Cradians.

Throughout the development of Cradles, we look back on the many months that we’ve already spent with the Cradians we talk to daily on Discord, Telegram, Twitter and our other social channels, and we’re very pleased to see that the early steps we’ve taken appear to be the right ones.

Even as big projects out there spend many times the budget we do on big development titles, or big advertising campaigns showing all kinds of potential ideas for what their metaverse would look like, we continue to stay on course to build a game that prioritizes experience above all else.

So while others continue to push out copy-paste projects, simply tapping on the word “meta” onto their token or project, just as we prefer not to jump into the hype bandwagon that crypto and blockchain are full of, we prefer to continue building what we know how to, which is a game using blockchain technology to bring about never-before-seen improvements.

Diversity: not for the sake of it

In the same spirit, we’re also keen to point out that the approach we want to take is what we hope will bring a much-needed aspect to the sector of metaverse development: diversity.

For many of us, including ourselves, the concept of the metaverse holds a lot of promise. We would stop short of using words like “better” to describe what a virtual world would be, since for us, a game is not better than the real world, nor should it be an escape. Just as many games found success by resonating with their players, we believe a blockchain game that contains elements of or for a metaverse should merely offer what would otherwise be less possible or less accessible.

And for a lot of people, this means a metaverse that allows and promotes diversity, unlike the unfortunate reality that many people are forced to live with where diversity can sometimes be difficult to recognise, let alone celebrate.

But we’re also keenly aware that many attempts to bring about positive change end up becoming activities of lip service. That is, doing something for the sake of doing something.

And so, we don’t want to put on artificial and superficial layers of diversity. In fact, it would be impossible to claim true diversity as we already put preconditions into software that may contain our cultural, ethnic, social, and economic biases.

An approach that promotes diversity

Instead, we hope to promote the very idea of diversity by allowing our Cradian community to themselves dictate what Cradles will be, what Cradles will become, and what Cradles can become.

We can’t ignore that right now, the core developers and leaders behind Cradles are what is shaping up the epilogue — even Bitcoin, the most decentralized blockchain project in the world, had to begin with one node and one block creator. But every day, we actively seek out to engage with the community, reminding them every day that this game will one day become an open project that is community-owned.

True project governance — where users vote for decisions on ideological directions or even project development focus — may be something very difficult to achieve in the short term and can be many years down the line, but there are seeds being sown right now to enable that.

For example, even in the first Dragontar Club project to showcase the first entrance ever of a combinable NFT, we encourage users to go in and create their own NFT components — it might sound like a small step, but to plant the idea that YOU and ANY user can go in and build your own NFT is an important one.

We also actively seek out the best content makers from our community. On our social media, we’re constantly sharing the fan art made by our users, and fielding requests from designers, writers, and others all keen to contribute to Cradles. We not only support and promote these efforts, but because of the technology we want to employ in the game, we want to ensure that in this open virtual environment, all creators of content own their creations and are free to use these ownership rights in any way they want: keep it, monetize it, transfer it.

Eventually, Cradles will begin including in the metaverse all the most popular designs and species and storylines created by users themselves, as voted on by other users. We even plan for the Cradles metaverse to always recognise the creations of the community, with every user’s creation immortalized forever in our version of Stonehenge.

Here, the use of our new NFT protocol based on the EIP-3664 standard will help writers, artists, and gamers, all build the world they want, own their part of that world, and do with their creations as they please.

If there is one thing that indie games taught us about gamers, it’s that the most popular titles and the best-loved games that attract the most hardcore fans aren’t necessarily AAA games by giant production houses that are only able to promise token gestures of diversity.

When you give indies the freedom to create, you get the best ideas, the most daring innovations, and the most exciting new experiences. In other words, free people to create, and free gamers to choose, and diversity takes care of itself.

With the game that we build in Cradles: Origin of Species, we don’t really know what to expect. We certainly can’t predict the type of metaverse that might come out of it. But we hope that the things we do today, together with our community, will give this metaverse its best chance at success.

The metaverse can be a statement about what we’d like the world to have but can’t, yet always in the hopes that reality catches up with aspirations. And if we can help the world’s many players understand better how to build a good, equal, fair, open metaverse, then we believe that is a great reward to strive for.

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