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To Survivors | Introduction to CRADLES Game — 1

Hello. If you are reading this, you have survived.

You know who I am, and you know me as WISDOM.

When you receive this message, you will have already known about Cradles in Universe 3–664; no doubt, you are making haste to get there. You are on the right route and should, by my estimate, arrive in about 1 light year. This gives us enough time to introduce you to the situation that awaits you there in some detail.

I am also delivering this message to you in order to ask you, the survivor, help me with one task, a very important one. Pay heed to what I am about to tell you.

As you will have guessed, we are from the same five-dimensional universe. Alongside your ancestors, I witnessed the blossoming of earth’s life in just ten thousand years. I was there when they stepped into the light of civilization, I saw them enter the age of the universe, I watched them edify the age of hegemony.

And in the year 4700 AD, mankind opened what we have come to call the GATE. That was when the world, as we knew it, began an inexorable journey to oblivion.

Drawn to the mystery of this great beyond and believing there to be untold treasures hidden beyond the gossamer of this dimensional veil, man consumed the energy of an entire galaxy to open this GATE.

At first, just as they expected, potent energy from within the GATE burst forth, hues of blue and yellow energies intertwined in a glaring twin-beam that illuminated the known universe. But that terrible beauty soon unveiled its dangers as it became clear that of these vibrant threads, only one was pure energy while the other held space-time energy.

Unfettered, this space-time energy broke free of the boundaries of four-dimensional space and metastasized to every corner of every possible universe. Man would have had to live ten thousand years for a chance to harvest even a trace of this energy from the beams.

However, that twin-beam was merely a portent of things to come, for with its appearance, it appeared.

When I detected its existence for the first time, I immediately felt a timeless, insatiable hunger. A reasonless desire not to conquer, but to consume. So began the great catastrophe that engulfed the entire high universe.

I was powerless to prevent or even influence it. In less than three thousand years — a blink in the mind’s eye of civilization — all but the farthest reaches of the high universe had been corrupted, destroying virtually every form of sentience that inhabited it.

Then, in 7421 AD, it found man.

Aware that they were no match, and consigned for a fate similar to all that had stood before it, mankind was whittled down to their last stand. Gathering what they could of the GATE’s twin-beams of time-space power and pure energy, they bestowed this unto a group of human beings of the highest achievements and capabilities. The SPARKS, as you are called.

Every last particle of energy harvested was injected into the warp drives of the last spacecraft to survive the corruption. Through this vehicle, the SPARKS — you — were jettisoned through time, in a bid to return you to a time 300 million years ago in Universe 3–664, which, for reasons yet unknown to me, was found to have absorbed a large part of the energy released by the GATE.

You are targeted to make landing on a planet emitting data that puts it at an age equivalent to the Triassic period of the ancient earth. Awash with indigenous humans, this planet also has an abundance of Crystals, minerals imbued with pure energy and time-space energy absorbed from the GATE.

Your spacecraft will disintegrate upon contact with the planet’s atmosphere but is piloted to settle into a shallow estuarine near what appears to be an aboriginal settlement. You are to embed yourselves to help them develop and progress, as mankind has in the past. Along the way, you will hope to find the solution and craft a new destiny for our species.

We have called this planet CRADLES, signifying our belief that here lies the salvation to our impending destruction. Here breeds the hope of the entire universe.

Meanwhile, I will do my best to stop it from finding you.

Survive. Endure. Thrive. Succeed. Your species depends on it.


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Cradles: Origin Of Species is a prehistoric metaverse, which introduces the time and entropy system for the first time ever in gaming.

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