Hello World!

I just graduated from Craft Academy Coding Bootcamp to realize there is a real world outside. Now I’m eager to take it on!

studying Animal Science, Veterinary medicine and achieving a master’s degree in Molecular Biology, I’ve decided to switch to Web Development at age of 27 to follow the dream of becoming a programmer.

My field of expertise is originally biology and I am very passionate about cultures of bacteria, yeast and virus, DNA sequencing, all the new and old molecular biology techniques and I still follow the latest updates within the scientific community.

I’ve started my journey into programming last year with my first Java book and from that moment I’ve been anchored to this world driven by a really strong passion for coding and creating programs. After trying to make a living out of my passion for Life Science going through many difficulties, the bootcamp for me has been the opportunity I needed to give myself a second chance at working with something I love.

I am a very creative and curious person, who is not just cut for any kind of job. I need for my job to be stimulating, challenging and to give me the opportunity to learn something new every day. Computer Science was the only natural choice to be made for me after facing the cruel competition in the field of Life Science. The reason I chose to be part of a bootcamp instead of going through the academic path all over again resides in the fact that I wanted to do something that could really change my life. I knew it would have been hard, demanding and stressful but that with the right amount of patience and determination I could succeed and hopefully gain some practical experience along the way.

Amongst the many things I’ve learned during the bootcamp, the most valuable one is in my own opinion the ability to work in heterogeneous groups. Due to the very nature of the course, one finds oneself to be forced to interact and work with coworkers which have different backgrounds and levels of knowledge on the subject. This leads to disagreements, discussions and tensions that to a person who has been newly introduced to the field seem to be impossible to overcome. Weekly group challenges alternated with individual challenges helped making me understand how valuable the pairing sessions were during the group work and how much faster the solutions come to mind when more than one brain works on the same task. Experiencing that kind of emotional relief once the next group challenge came up made it easier to learn how to reduce the contrasts with the teammates and improve my communication skills.

As a major soft skill, I have learned how to communicate more effectively what my ideas were and how to implement them, i.e. use less words to express a concept and do so that every member of the team was on my same page.

On the personal side, I know I grew very much into a more mature and responsible individual thanks to the intensive nature of the course. I have pushed myself over my own limits many times and every and each time I got back on my feet and started from where I left, never giving up. I have learned how to ask for help, how to offer my help to others and to never judge or feel judged independently on the situation at hand.

When it comes to the technical skills I have acquired, I like to think of the course not as the place where I learned how to write code, but as the place where I learned how to approach problems and to work agile, read and make good use of the available documentation and other people’s experiences to my own advantage, make use of important methods as Scrum and great tools for Continuous Integration, Version Control, Test and Behavior Driven Development, Project Management and much more. I have learned how to do my best to always meet a deadline, how to plan in advance so that my efforts are homogeneously spread during the given amount of time and how to evaluate a problem and put it in a manageable time and effort frame.

The time spent at Craft Academy has been a great investment for me and I’d do it again.