JavaScript and JQuery

This week has been JS and JQ week. For me this has been easier. I do still struggle with the code-stuff, but I get to reward myself with html/css when stuff works or at least works enough to be viewed.

So, what have we done?

The BMI-challenge which takes your weight and height and calculates in metric and in imperial. I added a name from start because I wanted it to be more personal.

Mine is here:

Then we have done the weekend challenge, which was a JS/JQ/graphical version of the FizzBuzz-challenge. I really struggled with the code there, even after really looking through the prep-challenge. So I took a peek at Amber and was very much wiser.

Mine is not super-pretty, but it’s mobile first ;-)

I also read through git immersion labs again.

I will actually work through it again at some point when I sit comfortably.

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