Software Craftsmanship

The cake is not a lie, but a metaphor.

My Bootcamp: Craft Academy — Coding as a Craft.

Amber brought me to an event hosted by Sigma this evening, and currently I’m at the central station waiting for them to unlock the train so I can board it.

Thinking about the talk by Emily (who authored ‘The Coding Dojo Handbook’) saying how Coding is a Craft and TDD is the backbone in that, and something that came with XP already around 2000–2001.

For us in Bootcamp this is standard. For us it’s the only reality we know (except when we get too exited about something and simply forget the TDD approach). So we learned that we should definitely put that on our tech-cv:s.

She also explained Feature-teams vs Component-teams because someone asked what she preferred.

She explained this in such a good way, so I will attempt to reproduce it.

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Think of the three tier, backend (data), middleware (logic), front-end (presentation) as the components. Features are slices that (usually) span through all the components.

That made me think of a three colored cake, and a feature should be a portion sized bit of that cake. Where the MVP is the whole cake. Then I suppose the next iteration of the system will create a second tier (floor) of cake.

After Emily there was a short talk about Code Review Stack Exchange which is, by my understanding, a friendlier version of stack overflow. He gave us some funny examples of some other Stack Exchange questions, like in Seasoned Advice: “How can I stop crying when cutting onion”. Or in Worldbuilding: “How can I prove I am from the future”. And introduced a few of the members.

The next Sigma event will be in the middle of December, so if you are around, keep a look out here:

It will probably be worth the visit.

I’m soon to be a student at the Craft Academy Bootcamp in Gothenburg.

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