This week at Craft Academy — week 1 April 2017

On Monday, we started a new group of juniors on their journey to become junior developers. Their weeks of getting familiar with fundamentals, terminal commands, and version control is over — now the real work begins. The juniors are building a virtual ATM machine that will run in a terminal-based Ruby program. They’ll dive deeper into testing, while building out a fully-functional program. Over the weekend, they’ll push their budding skills further by adding on a simple database.

Big smiles at the CraftAcademy Stockholm camp.

Meanwhile, the seniors are in their ninth week of the camp and have continued working on the large marketplace project we call Slow Food. In addition to basic functionality like creating and displaying dishes for purchase, they are adding restaurants to a Google Map on the front page, implementing Facebook login, and setting up an online payment system for checkout. All the while, they are using best practices and testing to guide their development, and learning how to work as a team. They take turns writing code, hold their own meetings — with and without coaches — collaborate using Git and Github and will make a final presentation to their “clients” (the teachers) at the end of this week.

This week we also welcomed Andrew as the newest member of out coaching team. Andrew will be working out of our Stockholm camp at OpenLab at KTH. Introducing Andy calls for a separate post so stay tuned.

When Max, one of our Gothenburg students in the new cohort, arrived on Monday, we had four generations of Craft Academy students working in the office:

4 “generations” of CraftAcademy learners gathered over pizza and talk shop.
  • Max
  • Felix, one of the students in our senior cohort
  • Philip, who graduated from the previous cohort and is currently working on a Craft Academy Labs project
  • Amber, who graduated from Craft Academy in October and is a junior coach, responsible for the first four weeks of the camp

We’re looking forward to the day Gustaf, an alumnus who is building his own SaaS application, comes to work in the office for the day and we can have five generations of students. The Craft Academy family is a tight-knit group. Twelve weeks does not have to be the end of students’ time working with their colleagues — there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved after graduation.

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