This week at Craft Academy — week 2 April 2017

Happy almost Easter! It’s a short week at Craft Academy, so we’re pushing extra hard to get enough learning in to take us through the long weekend. We’re all focused on Javascript this week.

A big announcement: we have a new coach! Andy started with us last week and has been working with juniors and seniors to get everyone up to speed on class materials. Andy comes to us from the startup world, where he has been working literally across the hall from the Stockholm office. He’s looking forward to guiding our students down their path to becoming junior developers.

Andrew “Andy” Carnahan is a developer and product manager who loves helping people and building things. Prior to joining the Craft Academy team, he co-founded the Stockholm-based startup Buddler, where he continues to help out with product management and software development.

Andy came to Sweden from Stockholm from the US, where he was born and raised. He started his career as a biologist at the US Environmental Protection Agency, where he soon found himself involved with IT projects and began his journey as a developer. Since then, Andy has worked professionally in a number of different roles, including consulting and product management, as well as web development.

Welcome to the CraftAcademy family, Andy!

Our seniors are putting the finishing touches on their online marketplace by exposing API endpoints and consuming them with a mobile application. That’s right, they’re going to make apps for their phones! We use a framework called Ionic that allows them to create applications for both Apple and Android phones, all the while writing in Javascript. Last week they made a formal presentation for coaches (their “clients”). This week they will make a final presentation including the mobile component.

This week the juniors are building a BMI calculator to tell them if they need to lose or gain a few. This simple math problem allows them to construct a program around user input (height and weight), and then use programming to deliver a result. They will get more experience with design by building a website to run the calculations.

Enjoy the weekend!

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