Yes…we did it!

Finally, our final project presentation at Craft Academy is finished and this is it, we have to find our way to level up our skills to become better web developer and conquer the labour market. It was my privilege to be given a chance to be part of the February 2017 cohort where the experience is pretty awesome. After sleepless nights and doing multi-tasking from my part-time work and studying at Craft Academy, I can say that it is all worth it.

Honestly, I’ve thought that I cannot make it until the end of the cohort because of different circumstances but I think that as long as you are determined to achieve you goal…you can do it. Of course, it will not be possible without the guidance and support of the coaches. Thomas Ochman, Amber Wilkie, Raoul DIFFOUO, Sigu Magwa and Andrew Carnahan, whose ever willing to share their knowledge to the students of Craft Academy. I also appreciate my fellow students in the cohort for being understanding about my situation. I also want to thank Marcus Gustafsson for lifting up my spirit everytime we have “Coffee chat” to get our insights about our experience in the bootcamp. I can say that this activity is helpful so the Craft Academy people will understand what we have been going through, on how we are coping up, what we like and what we don’t just like what we are also doing in the retrsopective.

As an academician, I was amazed how the program at Craft Academy brings out the programming skills of the students of different background in just 12 weeks. Well, I can say this based on my own experience, for 2 and half weeks we created our final project with the main features needed by our main user to start using our app.

The Final Project

Our final project is an app for tenants in an apartment complex where they can book facilities (laundry area, sauna, function rooms etc.), send help message request and be updated with the latest events in the community using their mobile. The main goal of the project is to make it more convenient for tenants to book facilities especially the laundry area where they need to go down to the laundry room and fill out their name in a log book or put the lock using your key to to board for them to get a slot. We also aim to make it easier for tenants to send help request so the janitor can easily attend to their problems in their apartment like broken sink, oven is not working etc. Lastly, thru our apps the tenants can easily be updated with all the events in their community.

Getting Started

In this project, we used all the tools, frameworks etc. that we have learned from Craft Academy. Agile mindset is what we are trying to practice and get used to everytime we make a project. The project started with brainstorming of ideas about the project with the guidance of Thomas Ochman and Raoul DIFFOUO then we created the plan using Pivotal Tracker, an agile project management software that helps the team to become successful.

Pivotal Tracker Pivotal Tracker for Building blocks.

Fig 1.0 Agile Project Management using Pivotal Tracker


The team members and coaches are collaborating using Github for version control and project management as well.

A simple glimpse in our project

Building block Mobile

This is the app for housing community that will allow tenants to send help message request, book a facility using their mobile phone and be updated with the latest events/news in their community. Our app was built using Ionic and Angular JS.

Registration form

To enjoy the app, the tenant must register by providing an email and password.

Fig 2.0 Registration form

Sign in

Once the tenant is registered, they can just log in to avail the features of the mobile app.

Fig 3.0 Sign-in form

Home Tab

Once the tenant logs in, they can see the Home page that contains a brief description about the company and the latest news so they will be updated of the latest events in their community. At the bottom part, the tenant can click different tabs to send help request message, book facilities, the contact tab and the sign out tab.

Fig 4.0 Home Tab

Send Help Request Message

If the tenant needs help regarding their apartment, instead of going to the administration office of the building they can simply use the app and select the Message tab. They just simply fill up the title e.g. broken sink. Furthermore, they can provide their message and set if the help needed is urgent or not.

Fig 5.0 Help Request Form


In this tab, the tenant can view the list of facilities available and book a schedule if they want to use a specific facility. This is very helpful to those tenants who are always busy and no time to go to the facilities and book a schedule.

Fig 6.0 List of available Facilities


Booking is one of the most important features in our app, this is part of the Facilities tab where you can select a facility and click “Open Booking” to select the time when you want to use the facility.

Fig 7.0 Booking


After selecting the date, the list of available (Book — with green background) and booked (Booked — with gray background) slots are shown. The tenant can choose and click among the available slots that fits his/her schedule.

Fig 8.0 List of Available slots


The contact page contains the contact details of the company that includes the address and contact number.

Fig 9.0 Contact Tab

The Backend

This is the back end of the app for housing societies that will accept help message request from tenants, send work request to janitors, receive booking of facilities and manage users account (tenant, admin and janitor).

We use Ruby On rails, Postgres, Heroku, Semaphore, Cucumber, rspec

Log in as Administrator

The Administrator logs in the index page.

Fig 10.0 Log in

Home page

In the Home page, the administrator can view the features of the back end, it has six (6) menus in the navigation bar that includes Home, Help Requests, Facilities, News, New Work Order and Sign out. This is very useful to the administrator because once he opens the back-end, the Urgent Help Request, Latest News and Work Order Status are shown to keep track his tasks.

Fig 11.0 Home Page for Administrator

Help Request Messages

This is for the administrator to view all the Help Request sent by the tenants using the mobile app.

Fig 12.0 List of Help Request sent by tenants


This is for the the administrator to add, edit, view and delete facilities available in the building.

Fig 13.0 List of facilities


This is for the administrator to add, edit, view and delete news to inform tenants on what is happening in their community.

Fig 14.0 List of News

Send Work Order

This is for the administrator to send work order to janitor to attend to the help needed by the tenants.

Fig 15.0 Send work order
The apps needs more features but as what our coaches told us “it is not bad for 2 and half weeks…”

This is indeed an awesome experience, working and collaborating in a group with people of exactly different beliefs and culture is pretty interesting. Being the only woman in the cohort is quite difficult but as long as you are determined to learn and achieve your goals you will find a way to cope up with it. So, I am encouraging all the women out there not to be afraid of coding and for those people who wants to make difference in their life, accept the challenge and join Craft Academy to bring out the programming skills in you:)