As part of the second edition of the Datacity challenge organized by NUMA with the support of the city of Paris, France, 12 startups have been chosen to imagine the future of the city on key topics including energy, waste management, logistic, mobility and smart building.

craft ai has been selected by the jury composed of the city of Paris and SUEZ for the challenge INFORMATION ABOUT WASTE COLLECTION TIMES.

We started from the observation that, everyday, 500 trucks move over Paris to collect waste. Waste truck management aims currently at minimizing visual, noise and traffic nuisances. Unfortunately, this still creates a lot of traffic problems that delay trucks and prevent people from knowing the exact time of bins collection. As a result too many bins remain on the sidewalks for too long, causing nuisances to neighborhoods.

craft ai proposes to experiment a system featuring a predictive model to provide smart alerts about estimated times of collection and keep Paris sidewalk free of bins.

The first result of the experimentation will be shared in May.

Stay tuned!

------ Originally published on our website at  Written by Gwendoline Soulier
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