Craft Beer

The rise of the craft beer movement

Drinking to remember

Better beer needs better stories

My grandfather loved his beer, good mild or sweet stout.

Started to brew beers at home

now he’s opening his own brewery.

Marcin is a brewer of OLIMP beer, produced in Kłodawa from some time, and now he is becoming chief

Today’s Beer (12/May)

“Hop Havoc Imperial Pale Ale”

Yes, getting hammered on local beers in Paris is possible!

You thought you couldn’t get any local and artisanal beers in Paris? Well, think again, craft breweries…

‘Let Germany brew your beer’? Sorry, Bob, but we got this

American craft brewers are redefining beer, and American beer drinkers are the biggest beneficiaries 

A Beginner’s Guide to “Nice” Beer AKA How to Stop Ordering Bud Light

I will never apologize for being a beer snob.

by Angela Weir

I will never apologize for being a beer snob. If we are at a bar with a decent selection of craft beer and you order a Bud Light—I’m judging you. Or worse, if you order a Stella or a Blue Moon thinking you’re…

Ask Alex: Craft Beer On A Budget

“Thinking about drinking, with your wallet AND your stomach.”

“I need some beer recommendations. I’m also poor. Do you have…

Brewing Classic Characters

Many brewers begrudge the idea of standards, largely on the grounds that standards stifle creativity or erect intellectual barriers. Perched pompously atop their podium, these brewers bewail the shackles which the BJCP style guidelines represent. The idea of rebelling against a standard set of guiding principles undoubtedly tickles our American sensitivities, yet I…

Beer: Dim Sum Beer — Mikkeller  

Starmore Boss — Sharrowvale Rd, Sheffield

I picked this bottle up along with the 8 ball from Beaverton on the day of the Sharrowvale Market. As one day promotion, Starmore Boss were selling these Dim Sum beers from Mikkeller at the nifty price of £2.50. I couldn't resist!

Langleys Blueberry Ale

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Beer: 8 Ball — Beavertown 

Starmore Boss — Sharrow Vale Rd, Sheffield

While enjoying a lovely stroll down the quarterly Sharrow Vale Market, I popped into Starmore…

How to Brew Your Own Beer

Chatting with a homebrewer about DIY craft beer culture, the connection between hops and marijuana, and the evolution of brewing in New York…

Beer Reads: 10 Fantastic Brews and Their Literary Counterparts

Brewing up beer and author pairings, because great writers deserve great drinks.

Beer: Limoncello IPA — Siren Craft Brew

Brew Dog — Division St, Sheffield

I am a relative newbie to the world of beer. I intended to begin after I moved to…

Beer of the Week: The Duck-Rabbit Milk Stout

What is all the hype about The Duck-Rabbit? Why their Milk Stout?

Celebrating American Beer

by Julian St Quinton

To know if your beer is truly owned by Americans and made in America is harder than you would think. For example…

Ice Cream and Beer Floats Are The Next Big Thing!

As much as we love root beer, we love craft beer even more. And guess what, it goes extremely well with one of our other favorite friend…

When Is Beer More Than Beer?

Otherwise known as one Porter and one Stout

I want to write to you today about how I got started in craft beer and, in turn, about…

Tapping a market: build versus buy

When managing digital products, build versus buy is one of the biggest dilemmas that a product manager can face.

Brewing Beer at Home Now Made Easy with Recent Tech Innovations

You may have caught wind of a listicle making rounds on the internet from some time now, discussing recent innovations in home brewing. The article, which CNN has originally published, lists the top gizmos that help brewers make beer from scratch at home. And while Reddit users still prefer doing it old-school by

Craft Beer
Craft Beer

The rise of the craft beer movement

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