Jozi Craft Beer Fest

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The Jozi Craft Beer Fest was Epic!

We love nothing more than having a cold craft beer, a fresh craft burger and some great original music to chill out to while perched near a hay bail. Ok, maybe not the hay bail so much, but the beer, food and music is a win!

We found all of this in our adventure to Jozi Craft Beer Fest 2015!

With 30 Breweries from around South Africa offering a combined range of hundreds of stouts, ciders, porters, pilsners, dark lagers and pale ales, we did our best to try each one!

SMACK! Republic and the Newtown Nemesis:

This is Grant and Dave. We know, we also don’t get Grant’s small cup.

We managed to meet up with our friends at SMACK! Republic Brewery; Dave and Grant, and give their limited edition: Newtown Nemesis Stout a try, this is what we found:

The first taste is refreshing and includes a warm vanilla caramel taste, just before you get too used to the sweetness, the mid hits with the mild bourbon cream. Ending off with a husky woody after taste, that lingers just long enough to keep you wanting to experience the ride all again.

Overall, the Newtown Nemesis is one of the staunchest stouts to come out of Joburg, just the way we like it. A craft to add to your tasting list the next time you’re in Maboneng.

Our Choice for #BeerOfTheDay:

Warrick Brown and Brett Magill. Photo Credit: Shanna-Rae Alice

We moved from store to store and giving everything a try, from the Copperlake Dark Lager to the Backwards Bean Porter. After a good broad test, we and our friends at Time Anchor Distillery declared the Newtown Nemesis the Beer of the Day!

Well done SMACK!

To the Capital

We’ll be at the Capital Craft Beer Fest in June. Showcasing some great beers and the awesome breweries that make them a reality for us all to enjoy.

If you’re going to Capital Craft, we would love to meet you, and maybe take a selfie. Maybe.

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