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Services and products in the developed world have almost reached perfection.

One can easily find a hairdresser’s where everyone gets nice haircuts. Taxis are just one click away and all trips cost pretty much the same.

To win the competitive race, companies have to give their clients new experience and value. That’s why barber shops now start making good coffee and holding stand up events, while Uber delivers food.

Improving technical systems is not enough. People’s attitudes towards different parts of these systems also matter. Ideally, new sociotechnical systems have to be created to perform the core function while also building relationships with the client through some new roles, just like in our examples with Uber and barber shops.

Just imagine how much the client’s experience will change in a Tinder taxi or a Joker taxi! They might not get to their point of destination, but it will definitely be quite a ride.

Not only businesses need innovations, but also social institutions and governmental structures. The competition there might not be as stiff, but old frames still deteriorate the quality of services.

CRAFT can become a solution. It’s a creative methodology that helps to come up with innovations based on social frames.

CRAFT stands for Creative Algorithms, Frames and Tools. The novelty of the framework is that it helps to reinvent social roles and project them onto the world of objects.

CRAFT inherits the notion of frames from the works of Erving Goffman and provides tools for creating and changing forms of relationships in sociotechnical systems. Both books on CRAFT feature innovator’s methodological tools, frameworks and practical exercises.

The theoretical part (CRAFT Red Book) exposes the basics of using the methodology and frameworks for creative problem solving. That includes analysis, idea generation and filtration.

The author extends the notion of frame as a context of social interaction and provides examples of new forms of relationships and sociocultural roles.

The book deals with a number of important questions: what makes us accept certain frames? How does something become suitable for a user or a client?

Along with providing answers to these questions, the book also gives a lot of fresh ideas for services, education and technical innovation.

Most importantly, the book provides an algorithm for creating big ideas based on the CRAFT key parameters: frames, drama and usefulness for a person.

CRAFT enables the idea creator to foresee the audience’s external and internal conflicts, lift all barriers in advance, make the client’s motivation stronger, as well as encourage the desired client’s behaviour.

The practical part (CRAFT Blue Book) contains combinations of methodologies for education, marketing and technology. The practical training takes place in the fictional University of Aldebaran. All the examples arise from the author’s practical cases, accumulated through the years of experience in product, marketing and communications.

The CRAFT methodology is used by a number of Russian and international companies.

  1. In digital services. Russian developers Redmadrobot use CRAFT to create digital products for financial and telecom corporations, as well as to come up with big ideas. Frames are taken into account in ux-design.
  2. In communications. CRAFT helps Yandex Taxi to create advertising campaigns in their internal creative studio.
  3. In FMCG. Based on their big idea “the garage sale for the local bars”, Pernod Ricard has created a service that allows bars to buy decor at a reasonable price.
  4. In education. Skillfactory, a school for machine learning and web development, has used CRAFT to reinvent their course for programmers. Now it’s not just lessons with teachers and students, but rather contests where different groups of students compete against each other.
  5. CRAFT is one of the methodologies used in IKRA School of Innovations and Creative Thinking. It’s the school’s graduates and partner companies that spread this original approach to creative thinking and inventions on.

CRAFT makes the process of creating innovation in all sociotechnical systems easier. It brings value to business, as well as to social and educational programmes.

That is why we would like to present CRAFT for your consideration.



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