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Sean Whitney
Craft Ventures
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Dock cofounders Victor Kmita, Alex Kracov, & Luc Chaissac

We’re excited to share that we’ve partnered with Alex and the team at Dock, investing $3.5 million in the collaborative revenue enablement platform changing the game for customer-facing teams.

Alex experienced the pain of toggling between a myriad of tools during the early days at Lattice, where he was the third employee and first marketing leader. Alex built Dock’s initial MVP to help Lattice solve for inconsistent and siloed workflows across customer-facing functions. ICs and managers at Lattice immediately loved the tool, and before long the sales team had used it for more than 600 sales deals. It became clear that this cross-functional and collaborative platform was enabling Lattice to move up-market and serve enterprise buyers. This virality at Lattice gave Alex the confidence to start Dock.

There’s no shortage of software serving marketing, sales, and customer success teams. However, companies find themselves using a mess of different tools when working with customers: sales uses Google Slides for pitch decks, marketing uses Notion for partnership agreements, customer success uses Asana and Dropbox for onboarding — the list goes on. These disparate systems inevitably lead to things being lost in the shuffle, stale or contradictory materials, and an inconsistent brand & customer experience.

Dock brings all of these workflows and point solutions into one platform, consolidating the go-to-market tech tech stack:

  • Storage & content management
  • Mutual action & customer onboarding plans
  • Sales enablement
  • Sales proposals & deal desk
  • Collaborative/client-facing workspaces
  • Renewal management

By combining these systems, companies reduce coordination costs, get valuable data and insights, and create a better customer experience.

Dock is a vertically-integrated revenue enablement platform

Dock’s customers like Lattice, Loom, and Origin already see the ROI. One sales team has seen a 31% increase in close rates from using Dock’s collaborative workspaces. A customer success team using Dock told us:

“We used to onboard new customers with Notion and it didn’t work. We switched to Dock for ease-of-use and scalability and haven’t looked back since. Customers that onboarded with Dock have a better experience and users are set up for success. Previewing the onboarding process in Dock has helped us win large enterprise customers.”

Alex is exactly the type of founder we like to partner with: he is a builder at heart and is driven to solve a pain point that he couldn’t live with any longer. Alex and the Dock team have great product instincts and know how to develop the product and build the business. We are excited to help them realize their vision of changing the way client-facing teams collaborate.



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