Why We Invested in Sonar

Brian Murray
Craft Ventures
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2 min readMar 30, 2021


Ops teams are the boiler room mechanics of tech. They’re the backstop for all your GTM systems that make you look good and keep your business humming.

Live footage of SOPs shipping a new oppty field

This is often a thankless job where 100% uptime is the expectation and even minor system issues are met with outrage. And the job has only gotten harder. The Cambrian explosion of B2B SaaS apps has resulted in a deluge of “urgent” integration demands. Each project has a different champion intent on go-live, but the responsibility to wire it all together lands with the same overworked group: Ops.

The result is a semi-frantic rush through integrations and upgrades. There’s no time to unit test the latest release because there are 5 more integrations that needed to go-live last month.

An Ops team’s greatest concern is making a well-intentioned change only to break a critical workflow. For example, a new sales automation tool integration consequently freezes marketing’s ability to send out important customer comms. Worse yet, no one realizes it for days — maybe weeks. These operational imbroglios are unavoidable and increasingly frequent.\

Today’s GTM stack backend

This is why Brad and Jack created Sonar. Sonar gives Ops pros x-ray vision into their GTM stack, helping them detect what’s broken, collaborate around solutions, and prevent new bugs from entering the stack by providing Github-style impact analysis. We knew as soon as we met them that they were building something special. They had lived this pain as Ops leaders and so had we.

Consultants have been doing this work manually for years. They call it Change Management and it involves herds of Deloitte and Accenture people deployed for months or years at a time to upgrade a company’s GTM systems. Sonar is breathing new life into this discipline and automating it. Redefined as Change Intelligence, Sonar’s simple software solution is the new essential in the SaaS toolkit.

With Sonar, your boiler room mechanics can now spend their time fine-tuning integrations as opposed to cleaning up unforeseen disasters. Sonar is the new staple in the modern GTM stack. Without it, you’re flying blind.