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Why We Invested in TryNow

TryNow brings the “fitting room” to the living room — transforming the checkout experience for Shopify brands.

We’ve known Ben for a long time. We saw him help build and scale a Shopify brand from scratch and so knew he had the grit, commerce chops and the entrepreneurial hustle to break new ground with TryNow. We backed him on day one.

Ben realized the biggest limiter to growth was getting their product into more people’s homes. It’s too hard to convey quality through a browser and shoppers are reluctant to pay for something they’ve never touched.

Imagine going into a clothing store but having to pay before you use the fitting room.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe, Stitch Fix, and Warby Parker have addressed the “dressing room” challenge by building in-house Try Now Buy Later (TNBL) programs. But what about the million DTC brands on Shopify? TryNow’s platform gives these brands a comprehensive TNBL solution out of the box.

TryNow transforms Shopify brands

TryNow has proven transformational for brands: happier customers, larger carts, more volume, more profit, and elimination of costly discount codes that cheapen their vibe. TryNow customers see a 63% increase in average order value, a 22% increase in conversion rates, and a 76% increase in return on ad spend. This is just the beginning. Ben has now assembled an incredible team from Affirm, StitchFix and Shopify to build and scale the TryNow platform.

We’re honored to support Ben and the TryNow team as they introduce the next gen checkout experience: Try Now, Buy Later.



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