6 Amazing Benefits of Caskshare

We’re well into September and up here in Edinburgh, the leaves are starting to fall, the wind is starting to bite that little bit more and the nights are certainly getting longer. At its best, Autumn can be beautiful… but it can also be a little bit gloomy now and then. With colder, darker days on the way, it’s nice to have something to look forward to. Thankfully, CWC still has an amazing early-bird offer on all Caskshares, so there’s still time to save up to 35% on single cask whisky from the likes of Ardnamurchan and Raasay Distillery!

If you’ve yet to reserve your first shares of single cask whisky then check out these 6 awesome benefits of Caskshare and start building your single cask whisky portfolio!

Experience single cask whisky

There’s nothing quite like a good single malt — apart from perhaps, a single cask whisky. Sadly though, this kind of premium product tends to come with a price tag to match. But what if you could enjoy single cask whisky without breaking the bank? Caskshare is your chance to try whisky exactly as the distiller intended it to be.

Mix, match and discover

With Caskshare, you’re not limited to just one expression of Single Cask Whisky. We recommend taking shares from different casks and distilleries so that you can sample the unique characteristics of each cask. By mixing and matching, you can experiment with the different flavour profiles and explore new kinds of whisky innovation.

Whisky you won’t find anywhere else

Exclusivity is a big part of what we do — our current range of casks from Raasay Distillery and Ardnamurchan Distillery are only available on Caskshare. So whether its a Chinkapin Oak Cask from Raasay or a Bourbon first fill from Ardnamurchan that’s caught your eye, you better grab your shares quick! Once they’re gone, you won’t find them anywhere else.

Safe and secure

We take every precaution to ensure your Caskshare payments and the shares you buy are completely secure. Our terms and conditions section contains all the vital information about Caskshare, cask insurance, ownership and taxes.

Easy to start your whisky portfolio!

We’ve made buying your first whisky shares as simple and hassle-free as possible. Once you’ve purchased your shares, you just need to sit back and wait eagerly whilst the ageing process does its thing. When your whisky is ready, the distillery bottles it for you, and we arrange shipping to your door. Reserve, Mature, Enjoy — it really is that simple!

More benefits on the way

We’re working hard on some amazing new features for Caskshare. Whilst we’ll cover more of the upcoming ‘updates’ to Caskshare in a later post, it’s only fair to give you a taste of what’s to come. As the platform develops, we’ll be adding the possibility to manage, sample and even trade your shares with other members! Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting announcements.

Join the Whisky Revolution — reserve your first shares now and help us to Democratise Single Cask Whisky.

Originally published at https://blog.craftwhiskyclub.com on September 13, 2019.

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