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Welcome to the CraftData Labs blog

Our office in Kathmandu

Hey there, we’re CraftData Labs, a young technology studio with a focus on data science and web development based out of Kathmandu, Nepal and Atlanta, USA. We started out in the summer of 2016 with the vision of helping organisations big and small derive value from their data by creating data-driven applications with a strong focus on design. We handle every stage of the project from inception to deployment, all you need to bring to us is your data and the questions you want answered.

As we set about creating a company with such an ambitious vision, we will have a lot to share with the world. Having a multi-disciplinary team of data scientists, engineers, and designers working side-by-side means the we are able to bring an unique perspective into solving real-world business problems. We are also big evangelists of open data and create a lot of infographics and interactive visualisations using those sources and share it through our website and media partners for the benefit of everyone.

This blog will serve as the place where we share what we learned from our projects and our opinions on various topics. This means writing about the process we followed, our thinking behind certain decisions, insights we extracted from the data and also self-reflection of things we could have done better. We will also document important events happening in our office and team, so that you can get to know us better. Everyone in the team is encouraged to write here. All in all, this is going to be the place where we share our story and we hope to have some meaningful dialog with you.

Welcome and thank you for our time.
Saurav & Vinaya




We are a group of data scientists, designers and developers from the Himalayas helping companies make sense of their data.

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Saurav Dhungana

Saurav Dhungana

Experienced Data Science and Data Visualisation Professional. AI Lead at Leapfrog Inc. & Founder @craftdatalabs

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