Learning 3.0

It’s always great when you have the pleasure of working for projects in which you really believe. Projects you know that are important and help to improve things. Learning 3.0 is one of those projects.

Learning methods changed, evolved, and now it’s time to familiarize ourselves with: sharing is the new teaching. You can know more about the principles about Learning 3.0 on their website — that we, at Crafters, designed.

Sharing a bit from the Why Learning 3.0 page with you:

“Workers, teams and organisations are still trying to get to grips with new concepts through old methods, and with that, they can memorise theory but they don’t learn how to put that theory into practice in the real world of work.”

Learning 3.0 principles

You can read How Creative Workers Learn, by Alexandre Magno, and get to know better the learning model that really fits our century. You can come to Learning Shots and Learning Camps events, where principles like No hierarchy, No pop stars and Confraternization set the tone.

We’re preparing big news for the Events section, I’ll post more about it soon. Just wanted to share with you this project—It’s a great experience to work with a subject that I really love.

Still on the learning subject, last year I did the Learning How To Learn course and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s free and highly recommended.

I’m always open to feedback and ideas , sharing and learning — Feel free to comment. Thank you!