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The global online shared-viewing party is now over. You can check out the conversation Crafting Intangibles twitter, the hashtag #craftyint, and the videos.

Archive of selected event tweets

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== SATURDAY 10TH JUNE (Friday 9th June) ==

Matt Forbeck screenshot from video embedded below

Matt Forbeck on context for meaning (@MForbeck)

(Sat) Syd 10am / London 1am / Auckland 12pm
(Fri) NYC 8pm / Chicago 7pm / San Fran 5pm

Magy El-Nasr screenshot from video embedded below

Magy Seif El-Nasr on motivation & data (@MagiSeif)

(Sat) Syd 10.30am / London 1.30am / Auckland 12.30pm
(Fri) NYC 8.30pm / Chicago 7.30pm / San Fran 5.30pm

Toiya screenshot from video embedded below

Toiya Kristen Finley on contrary design (@ToiyaKFinley)

(Sat) Syd 11am / London 2am / Vienna 3am / Auckland 1pm
(Fri) NYC 9pm / Chicago 8pm / San Fran 6pm

Brian Upton screenshot from video embedded below

Brian Upton on non-interactive play (@BBUpton)

(Sat) Syd 11.30am / London 2.30am / Auckland 1.30pm
(Fri) NYC 9.30pm / Chicago 8.30pm / San Fran 6.30pm

Charles Hans Huang screenshot from video embedded below

Charles Hans Huang on humanistic structures (@CharlesHHuang)

(Sat) Syd 12pm / London 3am / Auckland 2pm
(Fri) NYC 10pm / Chicago 9pm / San Fran 7pm

== BREAK ==

[BRISBANE ONLY] Katryna Starks on niche characters for broad appeal (@KatrynaStarks)

(Sat) Syd 1pm (will be put online after)

Peter Dunne on emotion structures

(Sat) Syd 1.30pm / London 4.30am / Auckland 3.30pm
(Fri) NYC 11.30pm / Chicago 10.30pm / San Fran 8.30pm

Ken Eklund screenshot of video embedded below

Ken Eklund on non-hero narratives (@WriterGuyGames)

(Sat) Syd 2pm / London 5pm / Auckland 4pm
(Fri) NYC 12midnight / Chicago 11pm / San Fran 9pm

Brie Code screenshot of video embedded below

Brie Code on love drugs (@BrieCode)

(Sat) Syd 2.30pm / London 5.30pm / Auckland 4.30pm / NYC 12.30am
(Fri) Chicago 11.30pm / San Fran 9.30pm

[BRISBANE ONLY] Malcolm Ryan on game mechanics as a mode of narrative expression (@MalcolmRyan)

(Sat) Syd 3pm (will be put online after)

[BRISBANE ONLY] Liam Esler on new tropes (@LiamEsler)

(Sat) Syd 3.30pm (will be put online after)


Rik Lagarto screenshot from video embedded below

Rik Lagarto on environmental storytelling (@RikLagarto)

(Sun) Syd 6.30pm / London 9.30am / NYC 4.30am / Chicago 3.30am / San Fran 1.30am / Auckland 8.30pm

Annette Mees screenshot from video recording embedded below

Annette Mees on dramaturgy of interactivity (@AnnetteMees)

(Sun) Syd 7pm / London 10am / NYC 5am / Chicago 4am / San Fran 2am / Auckland 9pm

Linda Aronson screenshot from video embedded below

Linda Aronson on multi-protagonist structures (@AronsonLinda)

(Sun) Syd 7.30pm / London 10.30am / NYC 5.30am / Chicago 4.30am / San Fran 2.30am / Auckland 9.30pm

David Varela screenshot from video embedded below

David Varela on player emotion (@WritingStudio)

(Sun) Syd 8.05pm / London 11.05am / NYC 6.05am / Chicago 5.05am / San Fran 3.05am / Auckland 10.05pm

Ellen Jurik screenshot from video embedded below

Ellen Jurik on action and intent (@EllenJurik)

(Sun) Syd 8.30pm / London 11.30am / NYC 6.30am / Chicago 5.30am / San Fran 3.30am / Auckland 10.30pm

Katharine Neil screenshot from video embedded below

Katharine Neil on narrative as gameplay progression (@Haikus_by_KN)

(Sun) Syd 9.00pm / London 12.00noon / NYC 7.00am / Chicago 6.00am / San Fran 4.00am / Auckland 11.00pm

Cara Ellison screenshot from video

Cara Ellison on iterating story

(Sun) Syd 9.30pm / London 12.30pm / NYC 7.30am / Chicago 6.30am / San Fran 4.30am / 11.30pm Auckland

Paul Callaghan screenshot of video embedded below

Paul Callaghan on structures as humans (@Paul_Callaghan)

(Sun) Syd 10.00pm / London 1.00pm / NYC 8.00am / Chicago 7.00am / San Fran 5.00am / 12midnight Auckland

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