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Christy Dena
Apr 19, 2017 · 3 min read

About the sponsor, venue partners, media partners, artist, video post-producer, photographer, and organiser

Financial Supporter:

Crafting Intangibles is proudly supported by Screen Queensland as part of their Screen Culture Fund. Twitter: @Screen_QLD

Screen Queensland

Venue Partners:

The local Brisbane event of Crafting Intangibles (with special guest speakers) will be held at SAE Creative Media Institute, QLD, Australia — a generous venue partner. @SAEInstituteAUS

SAE Creative Media Institute

The local Melbourne event of Crafting Intangibles (with no guest speakers) will be held at BAR SK.


Media Partners:

Crafting Intangibles has wonderful media partners, including the Australian Writers’ Guild, Brisbane International Game Developers’ Association, Emerging Writers’ Festival, and Queensland Writers Centre.

Australian Writers’ Guild
Brisbane International Game Developers Association
Emerging Writers’ Festival
Queensland Writers Centre

Visual Artist:

The art for Crafting Intangibles was created by my great continuing collaborator Marigold Bartlett. Twitter: @GhostTownGoldie

Marigold Bartlett

Video Post-Production:

The speaker videos will be post-produced by the ace Joanna Letic. Twitter: @JoannaFilm


Organiser photos by the super helpful Narelle Robson-Petch.

Narelle Robson-Petch

Photo Shoot Venue:

Big thank you to Holey Moley Brisbane, that generously offered their wild venue for the shoot.

Holey Moley


Crafting Intangibles is conceived, organised, and curated by Christy Dena, Universe Creation 101. Twitter: @ChristyDena

Universe Creation 101

Christy has created many events designed to initiate new directions, with standouts including:

Forward Slash Story: a current nternational by-application residential for storytellers that work on the fringes, co-run with Lance Weiler and supported by the Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab.

DIGRAA Queensland: with Brendan Keogh and Truna, the first digital games research conference in Queensland. Venue support by This Must Be The Place, and equipment support by SAE Creative Media Institute.

Transmedia Victoria: a conference and workshop event commissioned to bring in transmedia professionals from around the world, and targeted directors, writers, designers, and producers, from film, TV, theatre, gaming, music, literature and digital sectors. Partners included Screen Australia, Arts Victoria, Film Victoria, Multimedia Victoria, and the ABC. Venue partners included ACMI and the State Library of Victoria, and supporters included AIMIA and Game Developers Association of Australia.

BarCampSydney: the first “barcamps”/unconference for IT professionals and entrepreneurs in Australia. Christy lead a team of volunteers to arrange, promote and run these successful educational and social events that continued. Sponsors included Atlassian, Microsoft Australia, Thoughtworks, Tangler, UnWired, Hothouse, Google, Yoick, Linux Australia, Freshview, Milkooler.

Christy Dena with dice & an angel, which is a bit misrepresentative because she doesn’t find life happens through hope and chance. That is silly. It’s play and magic. Photo by Narelle Robson-Petch, at Holey Moley Brisbane.

Crafting Intangibles

An international online & local event on interactive narrative design, held on June 10th & 11th 2017

Christy Dena

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writer-designer-director story games, co-founder F/S, org of Crafting Intangibles & EXLab. Currently writing a book & design kit (this is my 2nd account)

Crafting Intangibles

An international online & local event on interactive narrative design, held on June 10th & 11th 2017