#20 Seamless reflections

When I started Crafty Sundays 5 months ago to get off-screen more often, I had no idea if I’d even get past the first one. So I’m pretty proud that I’ve now produced something with my hands for 20 weeks in a row.

I also wanted to say thanks a bunch to all you lovely people who have checked out my posts and sent supportive comments; I love hearing what you enjoyed reading about.

This week, I tried my hand at creating a seamless pattern of the 19 past projects, and reflected on my top learnings thus far. I lost track of how long it took because I was having so much fun that I kept working on it during the week!

What I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Random practice doodles can sometimes be prettier than the final result.
  2. Jam is so cheap! When the fruit is in season, a jar works out to be less than $1.
  3. When mentoring, sometimes stepping back is better than stepping in. If teams are struggling, sometimes they just need to work through it together.
  4. Screwing it up and doing it again is half the joy of making. If it wasn’t a challenge, the process would focus too much on just quickly getting the thing done.
  5. It’s almost impossible to come up with 100% original designs, and not be influenced by what you see around you. Better to not worry about it, and through designing it yourself, you’ll naturally put your own spin on it.
  6. You can never grease a tin too much.
  7. When designing a layout, drawing inspiration from the written content is so important. It’s way too easy to be lazy and not even read what you are designing for.
  8. I love the textures and patterns that brushes create.
  9. Working off-screen can lead to a faster, more decisive design process. It enables you to focus on the task at hand and actually do rather than looking at what others have already done.
  10. Collecting things from your own garden is fun; it makes you look for the little hidden things that you’d usually glance past or ignore.
  11. I am so unbelievably thankful for life right now.
  12. Don’t wear a bright yellow top in the wild. Bees will think you’re a giant flower and will chase you.
  13. Making ugly things is really fun. Go all out, embrace the ugly.
  14. There’s something wholesome about owning your own gardening equipment.
  15. It’s way too easy to go through life without learning practical skills and just find (/marry) someone who will do things for you. I really appreciate all the handy-man stuff Brendan does for me, but I appreciate it even more when he takes the time to teach me how to do it for myself. They’re invaluable skills to have.
  16. Plan time for unplanned moments. Some of my favourite memories of the Shift Jam were in the in-betweens; bringing the girls together in the morning to look at beautiful magazines, talking about job interviews over lunch, and hugathons at the end.
  17. Measure your cat properly. Don’t use a plate.
  18. If I ever start a company, I think I’ll call it ‘Rude’.
  19. Put the phone away. It’s disturbing how much time I spend on checking; checking the time, checking emails, checking social media. Out of sight, out of mind, has become out of sight, out of touch. The mental disconnect that comes from a constant itch to be connected scares me.
  20. Make time; don’t try to ‘find’ it. You won’t ever do that thing, or go to that place, or catch up with that friend if you don’t commit to a time and a place.
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