How to Serve Up Compelling B-to-B Content in a World

Long before content started helping b-to-c marketers sell cars, computers and packaged goods, b-to-b marketers were already using content to inform customers with the most effective content geared to meet their emotional needs. But many of today’s b-to-b marketers are now leaving out the emotional rationale — a key ingredient that often determines whether a decision-maker will even pick up the phone.

Some marketers may have fallen into the trap of thinking b-to-b purchasing decisions are made purely on rational evidence — something people outside the industry often think, because business is not supposed to be “personal.” But emotions play an enormous role in business purchases; in fact, they can often be the driving factor.

When consumers make a bad purchase, the stakes are usually fairly low. Even a high-ticket item can often be reversed through return or resale. But for b-to-b customers, the stakes related to making a mistake are weighty.

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Originally published at on April 13, 2016.

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