FLIGHT 2018 — the Enterprise Seed Summit

Scott Sage
Sep 19, 2018 · 2 min read
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Our hypothesis when we launched Crane in late 2015, was a deeply held belief in the depth and quality of next generation enterprise entrepreneurs in Europe looking to leverage the data and intelligent computing era we are presently in.

Despite this, the European enterprise founder “has it tough” when it comes to raising Seed AND Series A funding, when compared to their Consumer focussed counterparts. We also felt that there was a lack of focussed, coherent advice and support given to enterprise founders building new business models around data/ml/ai. The former we now address via our Fund, which is solely focused on the Seed/Series A enterprise founder in Europe.

The latter led us to run a small event, for the first time last year, which we called the Crane Enterprise Seed Summit. It was a way for us to get our growing portfolio of intelligent software & data companies in the same room with some of Europe’s most established commercial leaders — folks who had been part of pivotal moments in the journey of several iconic software companies (Workday, Salesforce, SAP, HortonWorks, RedHat, Cloudera, Criteo, etc) as well as some of Europe’s fastest growing start-ups. They shared experiences in closing their first $100k deal (and $25m deal!), building GTM strategies, building marketing machines, launching into new territories, scaling an inside sales team and implementing customer success.

Given the ecosystem for the European enterprise founder is still somewhat disconnected and based on the feedback we’ve received from the 2017 attendees, we‘ve decided to turn this into an annual event (and have branded it “FLIGHT”) exclusively for European enterprise founders AND to extend the invitation beyond our own portfolio and enterprise/data companies already known to us.

If you are interested in learning how companies before you expanded from their first handful of customers to $1m to $10m ARR and beyond, we would like to invite you to join us on the 1st of November. Given the event is 100% focused on commercial growth for enterprise/data companies we ask that you fulfil these criteria:

1. Are a CEO building a product for enterprise customers where data plays a significant role (e.g. machine learning driven products, data as a service, or infrastructure enabling AI/ML applications)

2. HQ’d in Europe

3. Have already closed your first 2–3 paying customers

4. Are still deep in founder led sales but considering making your first sales hire(s) or have already built a small team of sales people

Please complete this form (which takes less than a minute) to claim your spot at FLIGHT 2018.

Crane — Taking Flight

Building European Software Champions

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