The European Breakout List, Q4 2016

We published the first Breakout List earlier this year to help highlight the fastest growing and most ambitious startups in Europe to prospective employees. A lot has happened since then and we wanted to produce a newer list for those engineers, product managers and commercial folks who are considering their next startup role.

What we found refreshing when we were compiling the new list was the large increase in companies ‘graduating’ to the next category (ie early stage to mid stage or mid stage to growth) and the large number of deeply technical teams tackling tough problems. The other interesting item of note was the large increase in companies outside of the UK.

Finally, while we are all anxiously awaiting news on how Brexit may affect startups based in the UK or wishing to open an office in the UK, we have heard several positive things about the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa. This specific visa can be used for talent coming from anywhere in the world. As an example, we are aware of a recent senior hire from the US that got his visa returned to him in his passport exactly 28 days from submission. This specific visa puts an individual on track to Indefinite Leave to Remain and Citizenship with no need to stick with a particular employer.

A Note on the Breakout List Methodology: With the new list, we have refined the original list to reflect new entrants, ‘graduates’ to a later stage, and have removed those that were acquired (ie MagicPony to Twitter). We also decided to remove the ‘Interesting Large Corporates’ category (Facebook AI Paris; DeepMind etc.) because we wanted to keep the list pure and only include startups. This list is not exhaustive, especially at the early stage where some companies over the last few months may have transitioned from product market fit to early growth.

Breakout List, Q4 2016

Thanks to Rob Kniaz (Hoxton Ventures), Chrys Chrysanthos (Notion Capital), Michiel Kotting (Northzone), Matt Clifford (EF), Nathan Benaich (Playfair) and Krishna Visvanathan (Crane) who helped to curate this list.