The Value Of Consistency In A World Of Shiny Hacks & New Marketing Channels

Facebook. Snapchat. Instagram. Twitter. Blogging. Infographics. Slideshare. Case Studies. VR. Marketing Automation. Mobile apps. Video content. Quizzes. Podcasts. Sponsored Content. Influencers. LinkedIn….

Here’s the thing:

The number of channels, media opportunities and various tactics that a marketer can spend their budget on are endless. And with all of these new channels and opportunities it’s becoming really difficult for brands to be great at everything.

Yet, each week I’m seeing think pieces proclaiming that every brand needs to be investing in a new shiny ball and brands following suit. I understand the value of being innovative but let’s not turn our backs on the channels that are serving us well.

If you want to achieve something great on a particular channel, you need to be consistent. You can’t invest in a channel for a single quarter and call it quits when you see little traction. The best things take time!

That’s true for marketing the same way it’s true for a nice glass of wine. Don’t drop email marketing because everyone is chasing the shiny ball.

Don’t drop LinkedIn because everyone is claiming the algorithm is off.

Don’t drop Facebook because your reach decreased.

Don’t drop SEO because your nephew said it was dead.

Be patient. Be consistent.

Ross Simmonds is the founder of Foundation Marketing and the co-founder of Crate + Hustle & Grind.