Crayg Hitzeroth
Nov 6, 2016 · 2 min read

Execution is everything

Have you ever been given a task in your personal life or work where you were simply told to “drive this” or “take care of this”?

How do you approach the issue? Particularly if it is something you have not done before.

I have been in this situation many times and the steps below have worked for me:

  1. Planning is important, but if you wait for your plan to be perfect, execution will become a secondary focus. Make sure your plan is simple, easily understood and adaptable.
    My Coach Rodney King believes that perfection is the enemy of good, basically if you wait for perfection you will never get to good!
  2. Timing. There is no perfect time, just f*cking do it!
  3. Communication is one of the most neglected parts of execution, yet without it execution cannot happen. At first communication sells the project internally or externally, then it sets expectations, drives the project and finally it closes the loop.
  4. Implementation. This is where things can go wrong. The part where you flick the switch and expect everything to go smoothly, which it hardly ever does. This is where you go back to point 2 and communicate relentlessly, clearly and simply. To your team, your superiors and your clients. This is where expectations are managed and where success or failure is determined.
  5. Feedback a topic I have covered before, is core to execution. Feedback whether it comes from colleagues or clients allows you to learn, adapt and do things better next time. Never stop soliciting feedback it is your quickest path to growth.
  6. Credit unless you are superhuman you will always need support when executing. The key is to make way for your ego and give credit where credit is due. By doing this, you will build a team of people who will support you when you need it most.

Each of these points deserve their own article, but I would love your feedback on this short guide to execution.

The Art of Awareness

Startups, coaching, personal growth, innovation, reading, Audible & #BJJ. Namaste.

Crayg Hitzeroth

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Startups, business growth, innovation, reading, Audible, gym and #BJJ.

The Art of Awareness

Startups, coaching, personal growth, innovation, reading, Audible & #BJJ. Namaste.