Crayg Hitzeroth
Oct 3, 2016 · 2 min read

I consider myself lucky for many reasons, my upbringing being one of them.

My parents (more on them later) have always been supportive of anything that I wanted to pursue and that had a massive impact on who I am today.

But when I left home at 18 to study and find my own path in life, further away from that support structure, I found it very difficult to pursue the things I wanted. I found it difficult to adapt and I felt that I wasn’t growing and learning as a result.

In my first few jobs, I had the same experience. I blamed the position that I was in. Then it was the culture. Or even my superiors. I was always finding some reason to justify my lack of progress.

In 2012 I joined a small ad agency (they are now a big deal). I was fortunate enough to have a boss and later a mentor in the form of Justin Spratt.
Little did I know then that that experience would change my outlook on life forever.

All of a sudden I was part of a culture that encouraged failure, under the tutelage of a person who wanted those around him to be better and to grow.
He would always ask questions and offer feedback that would make you think harder, evaluate your previous actions and ultimately learn and improve.

That’s when it hit me FEEDBACK = GROWTH.

Yes. It is as simple as that. If you are not sure if you are improving ASK.
Ask anyone, your boss, your family, your colleagues and friends.
The more honest the better!

But a word of warning, if you are not open to receiving the feedback (it can be positive or negative) this exercise will be futile and you will not grow.

Feedback is a two way street, learn to absorb it, implement it and it will supplement your growth like you cannot believe.

Finally, once you have mastered the art of asking for and accepting feedback, give it to others and watch them grow.

The Art of Awareness

Startups, coaching, personal growth, innovation, reading, Audible & #BJJ. Namaste.

Crayg Hitzeroth

Written by

Startups, business growth, innovation, reading, Audible, gym and #BJJ.

The Art of Awareness

Startups, coaching, personal growth, innovation, reading, Audible & #BJJ. Namaste.

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