Impact & the hiring value exchange

We’re in a business where people can either make your business or break it.

We are always on the lookout for great talent and finding a talented person who also fits company culture can be very challenging.

Once you have found that person, especially if they are millennial, things can get tricky.

The normal line of “We have decided to make you an offer, please let us know by x date if you accept.” no longer applies in my experience.

Enter the the hiring value exchange.

Negotiations now look more like this “We are prepared to offer you the opportunity to do x and the opportunity to build a skill set of y. This will allow you to have an impact on the business. The remuneration package is … and this is what we expect from you over the next 2 years.”

Millennials are interesting and they need know what they can learn from you and your organisation, what they will be exposed to, what impact they will have in our organisation and beyond it.

Building skills and opportunities to grow are important, but the key is impact. If the people around you understand their impact and contribution to the business this is when the value exchange truly kicks in.

Add meaning to this and you’ll be able to build a truly extraordinary team, but that is subject that deserves it’s own post.

The next time you are hiring, try the value exchange tactic and feel free to share your feedback.