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Blueprints and Remixing

Revolutionising creation in Crayta; a whole new range of possibilities!

Introducing a new feature!

The latest season of Crayta, Strength & Sorcery, introduces an overhaul in the way that creators start new projects.

With this there are now 2 ways that new games are made, via Blueprints or Remixing. Both of these options are a fantastic way for the community to lead the charge when it comes to the future of content in Crayta.

What’s the difference you might ask? Well let’s take a look at each in turn…


Blueprints are essentially what used to be known as Starter Games. These are the simple games that contain the basic game logic with a minimal world built around it. With Blueprints the community are now able to create and publish these for anyone else to use as a start point!

Let’s say you have an amazing gameplay idea and would like to provide other creators with the starting point that contains all of the logic built in, then a blueprint is what you’ll make!

One thing to consider here is that once a game is published as a blueprint it cannot be played like a normal published game. Blueprints are purely designed as a starting point for creators and not a complete game experience.


Ever played a game on Crayta and thought of how it could be made differently? Well Remixing allows you to do just that! Provided that the original creator allows it when they publish their game, any creator can choose to remix it.

This gives them their own copy of the game to work with in the editor, allowing the ultimate freedom when it comes to building new gameplay mechanics or simply redesigning the environment.

We see this also as a powerful learning tool, allowing creators to easily share their games with others who may want to learn how certain mechanics were achieved.

Why was this added?

We added this feature as we believe our fantastic community of creators are ready to help drive the platform forwards when it comes to giving all creators (both new and old) a great starting point when making new experiences in Crayta.

We’re expecting to see a huge increase in available game types, experiences and learning potential which will only increase more and more over time.

How does it work

Both options for Blueprints and Remixing are available via the Create page, which has had a UI overhaul to accommodate the new system.

Simply select which type of starting point you’d like, and then from there select the tile that you want to make a copy of. We have our official Crayta options automatically sorted to the top with all of the community options underneath, sorted by most popular.

Use all of the search options you’re used to like text and tags and follow the steps to get started on the next big thing in Crayta, simple!


As with any major feature added to Crayta we’ll be looking to improve and update this system over time so any feedback is always greatly appreciated.

Make sure you head on over to and join our passionate community to discuss and share all things Blueprints and Remixing!



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