Crayta comes to Facebook Gaming!

Andy Shenton
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3 min readJun 9, 2022


We’re excited to announce that our free collaborative game creation and sharing platform Crayta has now expanded to Facebook Gaming. Head of Studio Andy Shenton tells us more.

We originally launched nearly two years ago on Google Stadia, then added Epic Games Store to the lineup in March last year, but following our acquisition by Meta in June 2021 we’re delighted to now be coming even closer to the Facebook family of apps by bringing games creation to Facebook Gaming for the very first time.

The move to Facebook Gaming comes as the platform’s cloud streaming technology expands outside of North America and across much of Western Europe, and we’ve been delighted to be working with teams across Meta to make this launch happen.

Crayta on Facebook Gaming will be the same experience our community knows and loves, operating seamlessly via cloud streaming and allowing full account-linking for our players and creators across all three platforms.

Being on Facebook opens up a range of new ways for our users to engage with Crayta and connect with their friends so we’ve been working hard to ship updates with these possibilities in mind.

The most significant of these is a brand new ‘Built by players’ rail on the Facebook Gaming Play page. This will highlight Crayta itself, as well as a hand-picked selection of user-generated games for players to try. We’ve chosen these featured titles as a team and will be updating the list as time goes on. We’re excited to help evolve the offering on Facebook Gaming as a whole by showcasing games made by the community alongside titles from professional developers.

In addition to this new way for players to discover some of the best user-generated content Crayta has to offer, we’ve also added some great tools to help creators build or update their games with mobile players in mind. These include enhanced touchscreen controls, new API options to add assistance features for mobile players, the ability to invite friends into your game via Messenger, and the option to share screenshots (and video for the first time) to Facebook too.

Check out our latest blog for the full details on each of these new features.

We’ve come a long way since the inception of Crayta nearly four years ago now but I’m incredibly proud of the ongoing hard work and dedication of our amazing team, and thankful of the support of our Meta colleagues around the globe who have welcomed us into the business with such grace and positivity. We’ll continue to work ever closer with them in the future and look forward to being able to share more exciting developments soon.

And finally, a massive thank you to our stalwart community — your passion, enthusiasm and creativity astound us every day, and we look forward to you sharing that with a new group of players and creators from Facebook Gaming.

See you in Crayta!

Check out our launch trailer here:

And read the launch announcement from our colleagues at Facebook Gaming here.