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Crayta Comic — Season 2 is here!

Behind the scenes with Season 2 of the Crayta Comic

The cover for Issue 7 (the start of Season 2) of the Crayta Comic
Artist: Gustaffo Vargas
A sequence showing ‘real-world’ and ‘in-game’ characters is planned and drawn in collaboration between artists Gustaffo Vargas and Paulina Ganucheau.
Top half artist: Neil Roberts, bottom half artist: Gustaffo Vargas
Artist: Neil Roberts
Becky Tyler (AKA EyeGazeGirl and ‘Becca’ in Season 2 of the Crayta Comic)
‘Aliens Moving’ — Becky’s winning entry to the 2020 Summer Game Jam
Original concept art and final art for Becca’s home. Artist: Gustaffo Vargas.
Gustaffo Vargas’s concept art iterations of Becca’s wheelchair
Concept sketches for Becca’s communication ‘Alice Band’
Becky loves playing Crayta!



Posts by Unit 2 Games staff, mostly about Crayta

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