Crayta on Facebook Gaming –New Features

Chris Swan
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4 min readJun 9, 2022


With the launch of Crayta on Facebook Gaming we have added some amazing new features that play to the strengths of being on a social platform, and which will make sharing and promoting your creations easier than ever.

Some of the features will expand on those that have been available in Crayta for some time, while others are completely new.


The first new feature is the ability to record a short video clip in-game and then share it on Facebook as a Post. This is a great way of sharing what you’re doing with your friends or promoting your creations to a wider audience.

You can now create short video clips to share with your friends

This new feature is tied into the existing photo mode and can be accessed by using the keyboard shortcuts on PC or by using the social menu and then selecting the photo mode.

Once you have the perfect clip, you can use the new share option to post it to wherever you want it shared. Each video clip will have a maximum length of 60 seconds, allowing you to post your adventures in Crayta.

Screenshots can be shared directly from Crayta


The next completely new feature is to be able to use Messenger to send invites in the form of links and have players or collaborators join your game or editing session. This is similar to the share codes that you can generate links from in-game but they make it even easier to share with anyone else who is playing on Facebook Gaming.

Send a friend an invite to play directly from Messenger


As part of supporting our shift over to Facebook Gaming, we have new gameplay touch controls and improvements to navigation using the touch controls. This is one of our biggest improvements to Crayta when streaming on mobile devices; as we have been focusing on improving our accessibility for all players on whatever device you choose to use.

Check out the improvements to navigation using touch controls for mobile

One important thing that creators need to know is that the enhanced touch controls can be tailored by setting up the control scheme for your game. This is accomplished by going into the Game tab inside of the editor and expanding the help category.

You should see that there is a Control Scheme element which has the option to edit input labels. By editing and adding your bindings this will configure how the virtual controller appears to players.

Creators should make sure their controls are correctly setup when publishing a game

We have also added new API options that will allow creators to allow for adding assistance features for mobile players. We have updated the gun package to show how this can be used to include a more generous auto-aim and the ability to auto-fire when your crosshair is over another player. Check it out to see what we mean.


In addition to these features which are open to everyone in Crayta, we’ll also be offering the chance for a select number of games to be featured on the main Facebook Gaming page itself, under a brand new ‘rail’ called “Built by Players”. We’ll be hand-curating this rail and selecting titles under a variety of different criteria but any chosen games will appear next to the other awesome game offerings across Facebook Gaming, and can be launched directly from within Facebook.

Directly launch into content built by players

We hope you’re as excited about Crayta coming to a new platform as we are, and we look forward to welcoming even more people into our awesome community over the coming months.