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Make the most of streaming Crayta!

Streaming Crayta is a blast!

Our devs, Russ and Adam, create a game on Twitch; Area 51 Gun Game!

Jump Right In!

  • Use the active rail on the Play menu: These games will be already populated with players if you’re wanting a multiplayer experience.
  • Try a solo-friendly game: This tag will help you find games that don’t rely on having other players currently in the lobby. You’ll find puzzles, obstacle courses, races and many more!
  • Jump into a game on The Hub: A selection of some our favourite all time and new games are there, and a great place to start

Play with your viewers!

  • This is great for when you find a less populated game, or if you’re gaming at a less social time!
  • Once loaded into your game of choice, click ‘Create Share Link’ on the ‘Play’ tab; a launch code will appear that you can paste directly on your chat or to your friends!
Create Share Links to let your friends and followers directly into your game
  • Reward your subscribers by getting to play with their favourite streamer live! Use the State Share link and message your followers directly to get them to jump in with you. A great addition to your Twitch Redeems!

Crowd Play Beta

  • They go into a waiting list for you to check who’s waiting, and when you’re ready, you can allow them into the game.
  • A great way to get your followers involved in a smooth, uninterrupted way.
  • For more help on how to use this feature, check this video.

Advertise in the community!

  • Channels to post your streams (community-streams-and-video) when you go live, or videos you’ve scheduled to go out.
  • Find players and creators to join you, or collaborate on your work; a really unique element to Crayta!
  • Get a first look at the newest games, updates, and a direct line with the Crayta team.



Posts by Unit 2 Games staff, mostly about Crayta

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