Streaming Crayta: 24 Games that Will be Sure to Entertain!

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5 min readApr 9, 2021


An array of games to play within Crayta, find all of them in the list below

After our blog post on ‘Making the Most of Streaming Crayta’, we bring you a list games we at Crayta think are wonderful to play on stream, whether you want to jump in solo, tailor it to your followers, or the best games to invite them in to play with you.

Explore our list below, with the creators and some info included. Use the link in the game names to jump straight in! Remember to post the Share Link to your followers to fill your lobby up!

There is SO much to choose from, hopefully this list helps you find what you’re looking for.

Obstacle Courses — Great for solo play, or challenge your followers!

  • Rainbow Racer (ekelrock) — A course for every colour; take your pick and RUN!
  • Temple of Gods (Hisokan) — Take on traps and deathly obstacles in order to become a God!
  • Escape the School (Iceland) — A beautifully designed obby set in a school engulfed by lava!
Rainbow Racer / Temple of Gods / Escape the School

Shooters Fast-Paced action to get your followers engaged!

  • Angels vs Demons [CTF](DryCoast) — Says what it does in the title…Good vs Evil!
  • Crayta Paintball (ChunkyLoverMark) — Splatter your team in this one-shot-one-kill TDM across several maps!
  • Battle Plan (Sovereign Games) — Choose your own map and game rules as you find the best guns and battle it out!
Angels vs. Demons / Crayta Paintball 1 / Battle Plan

Silly & Fun — Have a barrel of laughs with your followers

  • Prop Hunt (U2G) — Disguise yourself as objects around the office and don’t get caught by the hunter!
  • Exploding Barrels (Russ) — Play as a barrel (yep) and explode the non-barrels before time runs out!
  • Drop Persons (Victorious) — Stay alive and break as many tiles as possible, whilst trying to send your opponents flying!
Prop Hunt / Exploding Barrels / Drop Persons

Team Sport — Get your team together and take the other on!

  • Obby Slasher (djzk) — Avoid the obstacles whilst trying to score in this top-down sports game!
  • Super Dodgeball (Crymen) — One of the earliest Crayta games, Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge!
  • Balloon Typhoon: Lava Dash (SuperGoose) — Fly your balloon across the volcano to capture the flag!
Obby Slasher / Super Dodgeball / Balloon Typhoon: Lava Dash

Puzzles Perfect for solo, and hilarious to stream!

  • Sokoban (Mightykho) — A devilishly hard cube puzzle where one wrong push will ruin you.
  • Drone 2D (ekelrock) — Navigate your drone through over 50 unique courses, you won’t be able put it down!
  • The Test (Mochi) — Each room has a unique puzzle, get your followers in a group of 4 and tackle this escape room!
Sokoban / Drone 2D / The Test

Tycoon — Build, grow, and and earn; fantastic solo and with friends!

  • Zoo Simulator (TigerTitan and Boop) — Build and grow your voxel zoo with adorable animals, and sell photographs to make money
  • Canyon Miners (Russ) — Upgrade your mine and fight over the Pumpkin patch — there’s so much to discover!.
  • Mega Factory Simulator (Sovereign Games) — Build materials, grow your factory and get to 100 floors.
Zoo Simulator / Canyon Miners / Mega Factory Simulator

Spooky — Some creepy puzzles and games that’ll chill your spine!

  • Malefic Manor (asteroid) — Find your torch and explore the dark house; perfect for solo play.
  • PolterHouse 2.0 (SevenDos) — A phantom is trying to catch you, but the mansion isn’t on your side either! Get your followers involved for this!
  • Rogue Space (birdiesdad) — A long nightmare stirs you, explore and find the answers in this eery adventure puzzle; a great solo story.
Malefic Manor / Polterhouse 2.0 / Rogue Space

Adventures — Great for spending some time in and exploring solo!

  • Tumbleweed Ridge (U2G) — A beautiful farming and mining game, explore the caves, find treasure & grow plants to earn money!
  • Ruins of Mahoora (Fracaset Games) — A high riskw, high reward game with many secrets to explore, filled with gathering, obbies and adventures!
  • Occupied (SevenDos) — This semi-2D platformer set during an alien invasion has a wide range of exciting levels!
Tumbleweed Ridge / Ruins of Mahoora / Occupied

And many, MANY more! Jump in now and explore for yourself, we are free! There is an expanding Universe of games in Crayta, and this list doesn’t even scratch the surface.

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