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Winners of the $50,000 Treasure Hunt Build Jam!

We can now finally announce the wonderful winners of the Treasure Hunt Build Jam! With over 50 incredible entries, this was a really difficult judging process — we’ve been astounded by the quality of work this time round, especially as you had just three days to create, document and submit your entries.

Every single creator should be proud of the work they did, and how much these jams enrich the community and empower future creators too.

As usual, we have three top awards, eight special awards, and six honourable mentions to announce. If you’d rather discover the winning entries in Crayta, check out the Awards Hub in-game now, otherwise – read on! Don’t forget to follow the links to the forum documentation for more details on each entry.

Special awards (all winning $3,000 per entry)

Most Technically Impressive

Mighty Digger by MightyKho

This kit-bashed digger package is so technically polished we can’t believe it was made in just three days; it feels like an existing mesh. Test it out in the showcase where you can master controlling the arms to find treasure, with different camera angles programmed to help your accuracy.

Audio Award

THS — Treasure Hunt System by Czinczar

This brilliant package will allow you to add a super customisable collection timed event to any of your creations. Assign sound clues to each item and players will hear the closest one to help navigate towards it. A lot of clever work has been done to make this so easy to use. There’s also a showcase to try it out, and a blueprint to get you started.

Most Aesthetically Pleasing

Pirate_Locations_LC by LittleCreator!

This package contains ten beautifully and artfully crafted locations for you to hide your coveted treasure, each with low entity count in mind. Everything from secret caves to spiralling hills, use these as a central point to start building your tropical island. LittleCreator has also included a blueprint with a full map.

Documentation Award

Treasure Defenders — Tower Defence Game Creator by CC Creations

This polished blueprint allows any creator to build their very own tower defence game. The main reason this team has picked up this award though is that they’ve produced three wonderfully detailed video tutorials on Tower, Wave and Custom level configurations for creators to get really stuck in!

Best UI Based Package

Loot Icons Package by ThyrisFlare

This custom designed UI package is a perfect way to spruce up your treasure hunt games. From coins to chalices, gems to keys, you can use these for your hot-bar, inventory or even just in-world — an example used is covering a doubloon mesh with some UI for a great effect.

Small and Polished Award

Lock-picking by Daigoro

This wonderfully polished UI lock-picking package is made with gorgeous code that only has two functions! Simply stop the icon in the correct place enough times to unlock whatever you wish. This one has been specifically made to work on mobile too so try it out for yourself in the showcase world.

Best Social Space Components

Treasure Library by Vargath and JebiAlex

We were excited to see how this award was interpreted, and this treasure library did not disappoint. A beautiful gallery space that has educational points of interest to interact with and learn about historical treasure and events. We can see creators editing this with their own interests or even their own artwork, and inviting friends over to check it out. A great idea, beautifully implemented.

Most Versatile

Treasure Loot System by Tralaro/JoshuaJames2

Made with flexibility in mind, this allows creators to easily configure a loot chest of any kind. Customise how the loot appears, how many items appear, how often and more. Whether you want five guns flung spinning into space, or just one spat out on the floor, this package has you covered; examples found in the showcase.


3rd Place — $5,000

Advanced Collector Game Blueprint — Ekelrock and Vicentek

This lovingly designed blueprint allows creators to customise and set up their very own collection game in a multitude of pre-designed modes. It has an unbelievable amount of customisation available, ranging from basic to advanced.

It includes power-ups, collectibles, four separate gameplay modes (FFA, TD, Team Elimination and Survival), a whole jungle map, a testing world, voxel meshes, mineable resources and more. Oh, and there areon-screen instructions to guide you through that you can use yourself. Versatile, polished and a huge amount of hard work so you don’t have to — a well-deserved 3rd place!

2nd Place — $8,000

Containers, Crates and Chest Package — Tumbak7

This array of 27 chests and containers is both beautiful and impressive. Each one comes with smooth open/close animations that feel super polished, with many different thematic options available. Cleverly using mainly voxels, they can easily be customised to fit your creations with just a couple clicks.

Versatile, easy to use, and extremely light on entities —we imagine lots of creators will be dropping these into their creations to hide their precious treasure and power-ups! With every detail thought about, a fantastic 2nd place!

1st Place — $10,000

Explorer’s Kit — Cykocys

This package is the absolute perfect necessity for any Treasure Hunt — a fully customisable compass. Included is the drag and drop ability to have a floating companion or backpack version; customise to point in any direction, or to lead you to any assigned mesh, entity or location!

It’s super polished, incredibly easy to use and customise to your needs — see above where we’ve changed the direction, the pointer mesh, and even the colour theme of the compass, all without coding. It’s also documented perfectly, so every aspect of this package makes it easy for any creator to implement.

We can see this being used in so many different ways— pointing to the next mission objective, hunting down treasure, which direction danger is coming from and more! A simple concept taken to the best possible outcome, creatively and functionally.

Hugely deserved win for Cykocys, congrats!

And finally, our six honourable mentions — high scoring entries that deserve extra recognition!

Honourable Mentions — $500

Advanced Chests System — Verruckt

A detailed system of different ways to find, unlock and populate chests, with great documentation!

Entangle — Slaying

Highly customisable and easy to use traps to teleport, kill, or trap the player with two themed drag & drop examples included!

Treasure Cave Package — Madlios

A ready made beautiful cave, with detailed tutorials on how to work with lighting, voxel building, and a gorgeous waterfall!

Puzzle Locks Package — Victori0usNL

A selection of fun ways to hide keys and unlock doors; easily customisable and ready to use!

Dash and Stash Blueprint — DryCoast

A blueprint to create a new game mode: Phase 1 — Hide your treasure. Phase 2 — find theirs!

Pirate Life — GODMODUS

A pirate island designed with a cinematic feel, this well designed island is ready for your games!

A huge congratulations to all the entries, and don’t forget your packages are still applicable to win our Monthly Competition if you do any future work on them, so keep them updated and as good they can be!

For a full list of all the entries, head to our itch page!

Our $200k Mega Jam is set to start on 1st July so we look forward to bringing you the best of the best from that one really soon. Head to itch to get involved.

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If you want to join our community, head to either our Discord or Facebook Group and come introduce yourself!



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