What President Bush Did For Me

Image: Shutterstock

I had the privilege of working for George H.W. Bush when he was Vice President.

I was definitely not an important person on his staff. I had a title that sounded vaguely important,”Deputy Counsel.”

But since there were only two lawyers on his staff, being a “deputy” was the default position of no real significance.

I learned many valuable leadership lessons from watching the Vice President.

Some of those lessons I mentioned during an appearance this year on the Tim Ferriss podcast. But on President Bush’s passing, I’d like to offer a much more personal one.

Three months into working for Vice President Bush, my daughter died.

The Vice President wrote me a kind and thoughtful note. I am not entirely sure why that note had such an impact on me, but I know it was very important to a young, grieving parent. So important that, thirty-seven years later, I still recall it with tears in my eyes and gratitude to the decency of the man who wrote it.

It is appropriate to celebrate crazy good turns. It is also appropriate to celebrate simple acts of kindness.

As my experience shows, those simple acts can have enormous power.

Thank you, Mr. Bush.

I hope we all live to see another occupant in the White House of the same level of decency, honor, and commitment to serve others as George H.W. Bush.