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CRD Deflationary Bomb Event!

Join the biggest CRD Airdrop and get your share of free CRDs before the bomb goes off!

This Summer is the period that the CRD Network finally comes into its own — a whole suite of apps is being launched over the coming months, ranging from compliant KYC and DeFi to banking service. Yet, a network, especially a blockchain, is only as good as the number of active users on it.

As such, to celebrate the opening of the new and improved CRD Network, as well as to attract new users into this space, we are launching an airdrop and subsequent deflation bomb, which will burn up to 26% of existing CRD.

We will be airdropping up to 85M CRD (c.$510,000) and planning to burn up to 259M CRD (c. $1,554,000) in a deflationary bomb event.

From now until September 20th (CET), you will be able to receive CRD as airdrop rewards through two methods:

Tier 1 (5M CRD Total) — Receive up to 1000 CRD

To get the first 500 CRD:

1 — Follow us on our social media:

To get an additional 500 CRD:

2 — Retweet the pinned Airdrop post, and in the reply:

  • Tag 3 friends
  • Tag us @CRDnetwork
  • Add hashtag #crdbomb920

Register here for the Airdrop!

*** You need to stay in the groups until at least 20th of September to remain eligible for the airdrop.

Tier 2 (80M CRD Total) — Potentially double your invested CRD

People who exchange ETH for a minimum of 10 000 CRD in the SushiSwap or TacoSwap ETH-CRD liquidity pools and hold these CRD in their wallet until the 20th of September (CET), will receive an airdrop of CRD, up to 100% exchanged amount.

To incentivize long term holders, the rewards change depending on when the investment happened:

  • If you do the exchange from 20th June to 20th of July — we will match 100% of exchanged CRD amount.
  • If you do the exchange from 21st of July to 20th of August — we will match 50% of exchanged CRD amount.
  • If you do the exchange from 21st of August to 20th of September — we will match 25% of exchanged CRD amount.

If Tier2 is oversubscribed, we’ll issue rewards on a first-come, first-served basis until the budget is exhausted. That said, if more than 40 million CRD are eligible for the airdrop, we will set off a Deflationary bomb on September 20th.

So, summing up:
We will distribute a maximum amount of 85 million CRD (Tier1–5m; Tier2–80m) from this wallet — 0xa5a6707dbad87609c8b21270653e7a0490e9bf21 (currently holding 304.4M CRD). Tier2 will account for 40M distribution, while the rest will be burned (depending on the airdrop success, from 224 to 259M CRD).

The rewards will be distributed from 20th September to 20th of October in 3 stages (in the same order as stages 1–3).

Remember not to transfer your CRDs, otherwise, you won’t be eligible for the drop!

Join our Telegram channel and subscribe to receive new airdrop updates.

Register here for the Airdrop.



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