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Learn about the CRD tech in under a minute.

The CRD Network is your gateway to decentralized finance and so much more!

The CRD Network is a bridge between crypto and the traditional financial world, as it is built in a way that allows the two systems to “talk” and interact with each other.

Because of this, you can connect your crypto wallet and your normal bank account and move funds between them in an easy and cost-effective way.

Under the hood though, the CRD Network is a subnetwork of the Ethereum Blockchain, which is designed in a way to reduce transaction costs and make your life easier.

In the near future, we are also launching KYC as a service, which allows us to validate and store user identities, and we will then mark your wallets with a hash on our HyperLedger Besu Network. This hash will mark you as someone whose identity has been verified and this allows you to legally deal in decentralized finance (DeFi).

What this means is that you will soon be able to connect your crypto wallet, as well as be able to open offshore bank accounts (EUR and GBP at first, with more to come) and use financial services, all in the same platform.

Overall, the CRD Network wants to be your one-stop-shop for all your financial needs, while keeping your data safe and secure, but without making it needlessly complicated.




CRD is a utility token used on the CRD Network, which is a DeFi ecosystem bridging crypto and traditional financial services. The CRD Network is developing a suite of FinTech apps, which use CRD tokens to operate.

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CRD Network

CRD Network

CRD Network — Bringing Real World Data OnChain

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