CRDZ Partner, East2 Go Live With Their Private Sale

Oct 12, 2018 · 3 min read
Image Credit: Nicolas J Leclercq

East2, the first blockchain provider to disrupt the global airline loyalty model for both airlines and travellers alike, have recently gone live with their ICO private sale.

Following an investor roadshow that exposed East2’s offering to partners and prospective capital interests across South East Asia and Europe, the business is fielding interest from a number of interested parties and wholly focused on demonstrating their PoC to airline partners that ultimately inspired their platform’s design.

As a blockchain service provider with market leading challenger brand innovation at its core, investor interest has been strong and the group are currently engaged in serious negotiations with VC and equity partners across South East Asia.

Image Credit: East2

CRDZ + East2 in partnership

CRDZ and East2 first came into contact some 12+ months back when their development team identified technological roadblocks associated with pseudo-anonymous platforms such as Ethereum, EOS and NEO.

They discovered these roadblocks would face any commercial blockchain application transferring value — that is maintaining transaction privacy whilst delivering regulatory compliance. In their search for an answer they found the CRDZ protocol.

Following months of discussion across various continents, East2 will be building their service on the CRDZ platform. Thanks to confidential compliance inherent in the CRDZ decentralized compliance protocol, tech shortcomings that had previously roadblocked East2 are no longer of concern.

Adding to the collective pool of experience behind East2, CRDZ founder, John Underwood and CRDZ Application Manager, Scott Darrow are both lending their services in advisory on matters outside of their platform build to further strengthen East2’s offering.

East2 co-founder John Edginton adds, “We are excited to be working with CRDZ as we recognise the importance of having a platform that identifies users in a blockchain marketplace and meets governments requirements for AML compliance. The fact CRDZ manages compliance at the platform level is a big bonus to us in both cost, time and solution integrity. Our solution also requires that we identify users by market segment which is only possible through a fully credentialed platform.”

Unsurprisingly, we at CRDZ are thrilled to be partnered with a talented and complete offering such as East2. There is a lot of work ahead for all parties involved, however, we look forward to further establishing our relationship and developing East2’s go to market offering over coming months.

CRDZ founder, John Underwood adds, East2 is a particular example of a blockchain service provider, lockstepped with the aim of CRDZ, being the need to ensure transactions are compliant, identified and confidential. Like us, they see the extraordinary value inherent in CRDZ chain level compliance and how this allows their business to focus on building out their application”.

Learn more

Further updates about our involvement with East2 will come to light as their platform proceeds through early stages of development.

In the meantime, should you wish to learn more about our respective offerings or make contact, visit:


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