Space HQ Announces It’s Platform Is Now Powered By Floored’s PROTOFIT Technology

Space HQ is a network marketplace that’s setting out to revolutionize the commercial office furniture buying experience for the end user. We’ve created a platform that allows clients to interact in a hassle free way to solve their furniture requirements.

Our vertical has been devoid of using the benefits of tech as a solution set and we’re about to rewrite the rules on how the business is going to run.

Our platform makes the user experience fast, hassle free, and most importantly affordable. Our background is heavily rooted in the SMB market — we understand what the smaller, more nimble organizations need to run their businesses day to day.

In our first major announcement, Space HQ is proud to announce that our layout design process is powered by Floored’s PROTOFIT technology. In short, no longer will clients need to suffer through weeks of endless revisions with the mind numbing back and forth compounded with endless meetings to arrive at a viable solution set for their new venture. Just imagine completing the process in just days — not weeks. Click on the link above and see PROTOFIT in action — trust me — you’ll become a believer.

PROTOFIT is a gamer changer for the end users, brokers, and landlords in our vertical to allow them to explore as many scenarios as needed simultaneously . Every “what if” doesn’t turn into another two day turnaround as it always has before. Make your needed changes right on the fly and instantly view the new outcome.

This ain’t your mother’s AutoCAD, that’s for damn sure.

In short, we’re reducing the “time to market” for making critical decisions.

This is first of many steps that we hope to unveil over the next few months on how we see the CRE landscape changing. It’s one that’s been bucking it’s heels for years against the usage of tech. That’s about to all change and the table have already started to turn. Please stay tuned for more.