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The 7 Step Formula

I’ve always been in a ______________. That’s all I am qualified to do.
  • Learn to be still and endure the ride. You may be scared to death or get a little sick, but hold on. Obedience is the test. You have to start facing your fears head-on.
  • Now is not the time to show out. The attention may be on you because you are changing, don’t let your ego get in the way. You have to peel back the layers and be vulnerable.
  • Celebrate the Highs and the lows along the way. There will be good times that bring great joy. Throw your hands up and be present in the moment. Then do the same thing when the rollercoaster takes a turn for the worst. Keep your hands held high and give praise in times that seem scary.
  • Keep your eyes open and don’t miss the lessons. Transformation is full of life-changing choices. It’s easy to miss the opportunity if your eyes are closed. Be open to doing things differently as well as going to new places and meeting new people.

The 7 Step Formula for Manifesting your Dreams and creating change:



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